Modern and practical small reception room – ideas and suggestions

today we provide you with some very original small receiver photos. Most of us live in small apartments in the city. What we usually come here to say is that if you have a small reception desk, you want to change your terrace design image, so that you can be inspired to create an efficient and very attractive space.

foyer small furniture selection and details for the narrow entrance

although we often forget this part of the house and think that other rooms, a modern designed foyer, should not be forgotten. Because the entrance or lobby is your first impression of your home and surrounding environment.

small living room is equipped with modern furniture design

if you go the wrong way in designing this part of the house, it may undermine your efforts to create a complete and beautiful interior design, because the first impression must be bad.

is a classic style of white furniture in which you can store shoes and hang clothes

. Although modern and beautiful vision is essential, we must not forget the most important main purpose of the hall. At the entrance, we took off our shoes, put on warm clothes and walked forward, but we didn’t realize that everything was upside down and there was dust everywhere.

is a spacious lobby. There is a large wardrobe next to the console door. On the dresser are white

, instead of dust keys and shoes thrown in the middle. We must have space for umbrellas, hats and gloves, For seasonal shoes, if the size allows, we have a medium-sized cloakroom, which is suitable not only for clothes, but also for all kinds of household products. The storage space of

reception in the

option library. Although the reception is the last room we see when we leave and the first room we see when we return, it is strange that few people will think of any arrangement or design of this space.

bench with velvet cushion and hook can hang clothes on the wall near the door of

. Like other rooms, the reception desk must work normally no matter how small, In order to meet our needs and make our day better, when we walk into the house and see this pleasant space, let us smile.

is a small reception room with white console and walls

, depending on the purpose of the room. The best thing we can do for the reception room is to use wear-resistant materials, which can withstand moisture.

is a very original idea, which is very suitable for rural family owners.

the basic requirements for the decoration materials of the lobby are as follows: wear resistance, especially the floor, easy to clean and comfortable. A small wooden stool at the entrance of


is located under the spiral stairs of


, ,


. The requirements and materials are the same as the corridor furniture. As for the floor, the most suitable choice for this part of the house is granite, high-quality ceramic tiles, natural stone and high-grade laminates.

the idea of using space separators, such as this white shoe rack

the reception desk with functional design is characterized by the use of furniture performing various functions. For example, the bench where we sit and take off our shoes is usually also a storage room.I love the shoes we don’t wear because they are for another season.

is a small foyer design that highlights a large mirror with a gold frame

. The furniture we should have in the foyer is usually a wardrobe, which is the most common element in the corridor and foyer.

is another large-scale image option for the portal, but this time, a very simple

design is used. The size of the cabinet will depend on the size of the receiver. It can be very small or very large, and it provides an opportunity to store everything.

is a very original idea. Decorate the walls with bookcases and plants.

if space allows, you can also place shoes and furniture. Its top can be used as a table for gloves and other accessories.

black and white input very simple and elegant

chair or stool. In the modern design reception, you must have a more comfortable seat. It is usually a chair, an independent bench or other types of seats. It can be part of the storage system or a separate module, which provides space for storing objects.

is a small receiver with Scandinavian style white design and black detail

mirror. Another important interior element of a modern entrance is a medium or large mirror, where you can evaluate what you’re wearing today before you go out.

is a kind of furniture with many drawers at the entrance of the attic, with industrial design

. Now we will provide you with our original idea, that is, a small reception room with spectacular design and furniture to stimulate your inspiration.

painted wood console on white reception desk

a modern and elegant Brown reception desk with beautiful lighting

a reception desk with simple design and white furniture

gray furniture

with classic design wall and brown console

receiver with simple modern pure white design

very small space the simplest option

A very primitive small size






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