Modern apartment designed by Taipei Design Center

today, we provide you with a magnificent apartment designed by the Taipei Design Center to draw inspiration from your design. When the same designer talked about your project, he said that the apartment is located on a new plot of 10 and 4 floors Designed for young couples with fashion related work. The design center of

Taipei design base designs interesting apartments

construction companies provide kitchen and two bathroom equipment,

is a

apartment designed by Taipei Design Center for a young couple. The owner of the apartment is a good choice. a pair. As we said, they all work in the field of fashion, which enables them to often visit modern cities. This is why what designers want is to create a design whose concept aims to emphasize fashion and the owner’s lifestyle.

dark wood floor gives people a solemn feeling, emphasizing the restaurant and kitchen style of the apartment.

. As we can see in the photo, the design is defined by the open plan of the apartment, which allows us to move freely. Apart from some spaces that need to be hidden, did the designers best show the ceiling and walls.

dark decoration stimulates the sober

. Even in areas that need quiet and quiet sleep, we can see that by defining space according to the function of space, the traditional way reduces and avoids visual impairment. The owner can carry out daily work and activities in any corner of this space instead of staying in a specific place, which is limited by space and equipment.

the most attractive thing about the bedroom is the bed with leather back.

there are shoe cabinets and wardrobe before entering the multi-functional living room. The living room adopts 360 degree rotating wall, which can meet the audio-visual needs of different angles. The kitchen is Chinese and Western style, which is half hidden and half open.

large windows illuminate these dark spaces

now we let you check the photos, because the apartment designed by the design center of Taipei base will give you inspiration and surprise if you can.

master bedroom design solemn

style relaxed and elegant design

modern practical function bathroom

1 Taipei base design center

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