Modern cellars and other storage options

wineries have evolved over time. Most wine cellars come out of the basement, and people who like this drink prefer to display their collections. The choices are different. Many companies have elegantly designed walls from glass drawers to storage rooms.

modern wine cellar and wine storage space

together with modern wine cellar and technical shelves, wine can be stored almost anywhere in the house. Today, we show you many examples of modern cellars, which, if so, can help you shape your idea. Some of today’s classic wineries have modern elements in their designs, which really helps these designs better integrate into modern homes. One example is the spiral cellar.

is a wine cellar specially designed for contemporary salons, full of

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styles, including glass, metal and other materials. This undoubtedly adds impressive features to any interior. In some cases, like rock, it is used by many designers. This is another attractive option because of its contemporary appearance and elegance. Basically, every design has an elegant image and high functionality when arranging bottles. This does not mean that the basement trend does not exist.

interesting modern design with doors and glass walls for luxury space

on the contrary, it has been redesigned, not always because it is a dark and ancient appearance. The model of window shape is one of the most popular models. Especially in modern houses, they have an open plan. This makes furniture itself a beautiful way to show wine. Since most of them are glass, transparency does not prevent you from enjoying all the details of the open design. Display cabinets are very versatile and can be built in any room.

is a double glass variant that allows you to enjoy the interior of the entire area with

wine. Transitional spaces such as aisles or stairs are also very suitable for you. When combined with the glass in the structure, the frame and shelf increase your interest. In addition to helping creative arrangements and the entire organization. In the cellar, the two glass spaces combine perfectly. They help to save space and can be used to distinguish wines by brand if we like. Shelves placed directly on the wall also help optimize space.

the idea of storing wine on the wall, combined with the wooden floor

, we may be interested in the integration or other options installed on the wall. They can be designed directly according to the construction stage of the house. Wall racks should always be a useful complement to bars or restaurants. There’s nothing more practical than putting wine where you eat. Similarly, in a leisure space, such as a small bar. We can use our favorite accent in our wine cellar.

several circular warehouses of different sizes are used for perfect storage. The trend of

may be more decorative than practical. It is also smart to combine wine storage with other additional functions. At this point, the space you choose has a lot to do with it. Restaurants, bars or entertainment lounges are preferred. Every space has many ideas, from the most traditional storage to zonMore open and versatile. A room dedicated to storing wine similar to a wine cellar can be an important supplement to the home. The beautiful design of

makes this small restaurant full of golden elements

. If you like, you can have a less formal image. Some tables and seats have cushions and no stools or bars. As mentioned earlier, the display cabinets constituting these places can be placed in the decoration of the living room or dining room. Like glass furniture, they take up less space and have decorative finishes, especially on the frame. Companies like genuwine design wooden decorative shelves.

the interesting contrast between wood and concrete brings beautiful wood effects to a cool and comfortable space

. Obviously, it’s better to show them rather than put them in the basement. Many shelf sizes are well suited as environmental isolators. Especially those who occupy walls are the best example. In these models, the glass partition has the same spatial shape. The main disadvantage is privacy. However, do not affect the layout of the best open space.

suggests using blue LED lights, which undoubtedly highlights some

elements to prevent salons or restaurants from becoming closed places with very heavy images. At the same time, this may become an interesting focus of each segmented region. We are looking for the perfect location for the wine cellar. A bar in our family is an ideal choice. We will make every effort to hold an unforgettable party at home. Materials such as glass and wood have great advantages over creative and aesthetic bookshelves.

is designed for different courtyards. It is an ideal place for gathering and tasting high-quality drinks.

and the choice of different organizational forms. For space problems, cabinets or cabinets can be located in any space. Spaces such as kitchens, lounges or restaurants look better. Whether in wood or glass as a wise choice. Mainly glass, we can think of it as one of the most commonly used materials in wine storage. The shells of this material look perfect in many spaces because their size is important. In these pictures, you can enjoy the suggestions of these materials and other modern designs.

is another design dedicated to ground storage. This time, check other ideas and other methods to create a modern wine cellar in

. You can check our other relevant articles and enjoy the images. It is important that you consider every corner of your home so that you can store your wine.

provides a dazzling idea for the luxurious environment, full of style and function

the bright environment, in which the transparency highlights each accessory

you will get a good

effect no matter what size you use any space

a piece of furniture at the bottom of the stairs completely changed the concept of this small corner

, providing a modern bar using the nearby partition wall

wood and lamps, completing the warm image of the restaurant and furniture

cooking island is the perfect choice for you to enjoy wine at home.

the idea of designing the partition wall of the living room area was developed by AA interiors

if we don’t need a lot of space to place the bottle

, this is an elegant solution

modern restaurants use wide walls to display small rooms in the corridor of wine

, and use the brightness of white walls

to achieve incredible light and shadow effects The elegant design of


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model, its simple lines and the way of harmony with the environment are amazing.


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are a luxury bar with a Silver accent,

the acrylic and wood in the furniture create a comfortable and fashionable restaurant luxury atmosphere,

warehouse designed by Vin de garde is attached to the wall and decorated with high-quality wood and glass.

is another interesting combination of wood and glass in modern bright space

The main protagonists of the whole interior design


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custom models, styles and interesting ripples make you have a unique rhythm


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wooden shelves and open design, This is a good example. When it comes to modern and luxury space, Trevor Euler defines

Small indoor space, modern and practical design by CNR group


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Nina farmer interiors, Another good suggestion is that when you have to optimize the contrast and texture of esapcio

Manon Belanger wood, add a beautiful rural detail

a small but personalized area, thanks to the use of rocks, Brooke Wagner’s

glass elements are used to store wine

variants on the wall close to the stairs, with furniture to separate the living room and dining room into a luxurious environment, Arrcc

another separator with columns, which contains the idea of concrete structure shell

, which combines a small bar with a storage area.

Sojo design is responsible for this interesting design The idea of using crystals and lights

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