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today, we provide you with some novel ideas to provide perfect modern curtains for each of your rooms. If you want to reshape the image of a room at home, you can do this by adding a little decoration inspired by charm and luxury. You don’t need a big budget, just a little imagination and clear ideas.

modern white curtain is a classic space. The concept of

is clear, mainly because this concept will depend on personal taste. Some people prefer luxury and eccentricity, while others prefer prudence and minimalism. That’s why we have collected 75 very original curtain ideas to let you choose the best choice for your home. It is important to create a unique room.

modern curtain design is very attractive,

with the arrival of summer, warmth and sunshine begin to warm the interior of the house, creating a “greenhouse effect”. Choosing curtains is essential, so that sunny days will not become torture. In this season, we suggest you choose dark curtains to block out the sun. As you can see, there are a series of very useful dark curtains in summer.

cotton curtains

dark curtains are very suitable for bedrooms because they don’t let light in. Many people think that curtains are just for shade and warmth, but with appropriate curtains, you can create a comfortable environment. If you live in a city, don’t try to outline the scenery you don’t like in the outside room, but think about colors and materials, which can create rich and vibrant areas full of warmth and color.

very original curtains

our curtain design today is affected by different cultures, environments and environments. Whether it is ultra modern geometric design or classical and traditional style, curtains must create harmony in their environment. Even curtains have different modern trends.

curtains are printed with very interesting patterns

, so the fabric, color and fixing system must adapt to this trend. There are many different decorative windows: you can choose, for example, layers; One transparent white curtain is decorated and the other dark curtain is protected. Or you can choose a curtain from a lightweight fabric to let light pass through and collect it on both sides of the window through another decoration, so that it can release and protect from the sun when needed.

curtains with embossed dots

pay attention to the selection of fabrics. In addition to personal taste, the brightness of the environment must also be considered, because shutters may have the function of protecting or filtering light. In terms of style, classic lightweight fabric is the perfect choice. In this case, the curtain can occupy the whole wall and cover a larger area than the window. In order to create a romantic atmosphere, the fabric must be soft and fluffy.

zigzag printing curtain

if you like old style, you’d better choose smooth or embroidered materials. They are ideal for ochre and orange dense ethnic textile lovers. For the atmosphere of curtain era, we suggest you choose a dynamic model with rich geometric patterns. Curtains with floral patterns are very suitable for houses decorated in Provence.

light blue curtain

some common fabrics of curtain

must remember that not all fabrics are suitable for DIsenio’s curtains. So let’s pause this detail and take a look at some common functions. Understanding the potential of each function will make it easier to choose them correctly. Modern curtains have all kinds of fabrics, such as silk. As we know, this is a choice when you need to create a luxurious environment.

can be found in different modes, but using them in the whole color is simple and practical. This kind of fabric on modern curtains always gives people a new sense of form. It completely changed the windows and the fabric was of good quality. If we want to mention anything negative, the first is its price and maintenance. Generally speaking, this is a kind of fabric that is difficult to clean.

Dark Beige curtain

on the other hand, if we want to make curtains ourselves when sewing curtains, this is a fabric that needs skills. When we need multifunctional things to design curtains, we can’t ignore cotton. It’s easier to work, and the rich colors are amazing to create modern curtains. The patterns are also very rich and different. With cotton and more modern design, you can choose classic aesthetics without losing its elegance.

curtains with modern patterns

can well resist the passage of time, durable and fully functional. On the other hand, linen is also known. It is used for curtains. The price is close to silk, but the cost is low. It is cheaper than cotton. Best of all, it’s easy to adapt to creating a heavy or light image.

white curtains have black stripes at the end.

depends on the cooking method, but the influence on decoration is always perfect. In the maintenance process, the most complex is probably cleaning. It wrinkles easily, which is very common. In order to avoid such accidents, it is always possible to hire professionals for cleaning. With the progress of technology, other types of fabrics have emerged, which are equivalent to synthetic fabrics.

blue walls and white curtains

we recommend polyester fiber because it is easy to clean. Maintenance is not very often, we will have a good curtain for a long time. Others such as nylon are included in synthetic fabrics. In practice, we will get an elegant and functional curtain.

modern curtains are applicable to every family space. The curtains in

rooms should be properly selected according to their characteristics and uses. Each of these spaces should be treated differently in terms of curtains. It is best to design according to the room. The fabric and shape of the curtain are different. Be sure to make the house look harmonious and maintain a warm and fresh image. For example, if we consider a corridor area and a bedroom, the choice of fabric should be different. The kitchen and your chances are the same.

sofa and green series curtains

lounge and restaurant are very suitable for various curtain models. If it is a spacious house, in a small design, it is best to use simple and soft fabrics. For the bedroom, if it is a traditional style, silk will give people a very special feeling. Other options, such as linen or cotton, if the decoration is the same, there will be more space in modern curtains. This is an ideal time to add color and texture to this space. Now let’s show you these photos, inspire you to choose modern curtains, and surprise everyone with an impressive change.

printed curtains are very cSmell

green curtain

Brown and white combination

classic space design concept

female design curtain

curtain with leaves


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