Modern design Loft – nine amazing models

today we will discuss loft style apartments. We will see some very modern small space designs, but they are very powerful. Don’t miss our picture tour to learn how to make full use of your home with practical and modern elements.

loft apartment design

this compact loft space is part of a hotel in Amsterdam, full of hidden areas. There is a room on the top of the passenger compartment, which can be completely closed to produce a ventilated light wall effect. This is a multi-functional, multi-functional life.

brick house was designed by Acevedo.

was originally the boiler room of the laundry room, and now the brick house is a complete apartment. There is a kitchen on the first floor, a living room with sofa and middle table or dining table, and a folding cushion of living room chair on the landing. The ship’s staircase is a dresser with a wardrobe and built-in walnut drawers. L. mccomber designed

this attic is a solution designed for a growing family. 50. Mccomber architects provided a design solution for the owners of this attic in Montreal, Canada. They need to create a space for newborn babies, so a floating platform bed made of Douglas fir curved plywood and steel pipe is a good idea.

wooden interior design

natural wood structure interior design

original interior structure design

small house interior design

original design Altillo structure

Barcelona g-roc design house

the bed in this attic has been raised to create a separate area in the apartment. When architects designed the loft apartment in Barcelona, they used the extra height of the roof to create an loft bed, allowing the first floor to be used as a studio, room or dressing room. Indoor g-roc

modern style indoor

iCOSA designer, and Peter sun, They designed loft domino for a small apartment in San Francisco, California, which is a customized multifunctional loft design. It has a work space with dry walls, a small table or dining room, a foldable hidden bed and a bed accessible by stairs.

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