Modern interior decoration of various tastes and styles

with the progress of all aspects of our life, fortunately, modern interior decoration has been able to withstand this accelerated rhythm. There are many trends that are really beautiful, but not everyone has the necessary budget to decorate their house. To be honest, no one likes to lag far behind all the new trends, but we have good news for you; Many outdated styles are expected to become popular in 2018 and become popular again. The general trend of

is more and more bright and intense tones. This return to color goes hand in hand with the 1980s and its powerful design and color.

this season we will see pink tones everywhere, especially Pink Barbie dolls or pink chewing gum.

as long as the inner world’s obsession with roses continues, we warn you that it may not last forever. Pink roses are very popular and look elegant, with gold, gray, coral and nudity, but we believe they will soon become obsolete. It is better to invest in large-scale facilities and accessories like roses in the future, instead of using them as a permanent color or accessories.

primary colors return, especially red, yellow and blue. Then there are all warm and earthy tones, but brighter and brighter: orange, burgundy red, etc. this vibrant green tone is sure to change any interior. In this modern living room, bright colors such as green, white and orange combine to form an elegant appearance, while dark floors and wooden furniture create a certain balance.

we will also see a lot of green, although the trend is the dark and neglected tone we saw last year; More natural hues and vitamins: hues of sage, celery and avocado.

please note that the decoration will be marked by the return to organic, natural and unremitting pursuit of new functions. Therefore, when it comes to bathroom design, the direction will be: ultra clean colors, seamless lines and practical and simple spatial layout, but with a trace of elegance and organic comfort.

let your imagination and creativity flow, and transform the bathroom function into a work of Art: contemporary style creation.

as our lives become more busy and technology dependent, our desire to reconnect with nature and return to a simpler lifestyle will be reflected in our house design and style. Organic materials and traditional handicrafts will continue to grow.

a new luxury land focusing on happiness will affect our choice from building materials to household goods.

excellent modern interior decoration concept

is a simple metal, but it can make your home look as bright as sunshine and vibrant yellow. This trend may be considered one of the outdated home decorations, but it appeared in 2016 and is expected to reappear in 2018, so all people who own bronze at home will celebrate that their home has a fashionable decoration. In this elegant living room design, light blue and neutral colors are combined to provide a relaxed and minimalist appearance. An irregularly shaped dining table and a luxurious susp provide golden details.Saddle lighting. Tip: match pink such as blue and pink with metal accent details to create a more exquisite style.

modern interior decoration

one of our main trend tips in 2018 is to find products related to WABI Sabi, The ancient Japanese philosophy is to find beauty in imperfections. When these products become cute and worn, they actually become more attractive and interesting; Display new color and texture layers, clear effect, Wear and oxidation.

earthy and dark wood will also be restored. The texture tone effect of mango wood and sushi board carbonization technology produces excellent surface blackening effect. This is an amazing change away from the blonde forest and Scandinavian style, which is popular in recent years.

because color is a trend, many questions arise: what color, what combination, and what range? Well, if we consider that fashionable scenes often pave the way for the color and texture design of furniture, we can assume that in the end, a colorful furniture can highlight and reverse the overall aesthetics of any space.

the green of all living varieties is highly acceptable and is introduced in any different tone, including spicy yellow green.

another interesting and in-depth exploration trend is to create a living place where pine green, mustard yellow, royal blue and Bordeaux red are combined to form an indoor style inspired by the Vienna salon at the end of the 20th century.

and discuss the influence of Baroque style and rich sensory experience. We should focus on using ingredients rich in materials, such as velvet, different metallic luster surfaces and adding dark wood. Characterized by Satin gold and made of polished brass, it is a decorative function of copper that is worth inheriting and can also be colorful. Although bronze has shown strong momentum in the past few years, we now see more gold and brass tones, which highlights the brilliance of our home.

modern interior decoration creativity

modern interior decoration trend

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