Modern interior design of an apartment in Moscow

the interior design of this 175 square foot apartment was designed by Alexey ROZENBERG for a couple with two children. It is located in Moscow, Russia, and the project was completed in 2015. It is divided into two areas. Mainly the location of social field; Living room, dining room and kitchen and master bedroom.

modern interior design by Alexey ROZENBERG

in the second area, we will find the children’s room, bathroom, laundry and wardrobe.

the front of the apartment is designed as a free space, and each area maintains visual connection with other areas. The master bedroom is also an area of the space, connected through doors and windows.

bed rises to the podium and hides behind the brick wall, so it can’t be seen from any angle from the living room. Therefore, the living room has a visual extension, but the sleep area remains private. The prominent volume of the living room improves the spatial relationship between the bedroom and the living room. It does not reach the roof and is decorated with black metal sheets to emphasize the subtleties of this structure.

interior apartment is designed by Alexey ROZENBERG

living room, which rises to the podium and pushes back from the front window. This creates a gentle lighting, a special comfortable and spectacular view from low to low windows. The living area is separated from the corridor by bookshelves. These bookshelves are made up of a recliner. You can climb up with a detachable ladder. There is an extra storage space under the lounge chair.

a lifetime dining room is set in the front of the kitchen. This allows many cooking attributes to be combined. The customized wheeled kitchen island can be easily moved along the kitchen and can be used as a workbench or additional service. The dining table (also designed by the architect) has an unusual proportion: its countertop is narrow and long. This table visually elongates the dining room and serves as a connection between the kitchen and the living room.

in the living room, the large brown leather sofa is decorated, which brings a simple feeling to the atmosphere marked by this style. Brick walls and beautiful wooden bookshelves, which store a large number of books, complete the whole process.

the kitchen is equipped with black furniture. The farthest distance is a restaurant with a beautiful wooden table next to it. You can enjoy time with your family and friends.

apartment is divided into two floors, which helps to delimit the shared space in the same room. Its decoration has a distinctive personal style and is mainly based on wooden surfaces because it is located on the floor, walls and walls, Ceilings and most furniture.

the apartment space originally used in the children’s area is very long. As a solution, the game room was placed furthest from the window. Its walls are partly made of glass to avoid losing natural light.

the two children’s rooms are similar in design. Each room consists of three parts: a bed on a wooden podium, a soft area with sofa and a work area with table and more lights. This design proves that the lengthening of the room for two children is reasonable. Glass walls connect the soft and working areas withChild behaviour; They visually expand space and increase light. However, every child can close the curtains and create privacy.

* Alexei Rosenberg

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