Modern interior design with black details — from U / / me Architects

today we want to show you a very special interior design, which is an apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, designed by a company architect named u / / me architects.

is a spectacular interior design. The famous U / / me architect

design space combines elements of different styles in a very cool way. According to the angles we encounter, we can enjoy many details, which are undoubtedly extraordinary;

modern living room is designed with fireplace and black leather armchair

. The living room is round and you can see several very eye-catching elements; We really don’t know where to focus our attention. If there is an incredible set of leather armchairs in the primitive modern gas tank in the middle of the room,

original design of grey crescent sofa

crescent sofa or romantic metal spiral staircase leading to the second floor. The decoration perfectly adapts to a circular space, and a black note appears repeatedly, which brings charm to the design.

original two black leather armchairs

once we enter the kitchen, we will see black appear again, In this case, it is more important. Combined with the chocolate color of kitchen cabinets, some dining chairs are combined with the black armchairs we see in the living room.

original modern industrial style kitchen design

also has black blackboard paint on the dashboard. The steel countertop kitchen island presents a modern and elegant finish, which is also cool to match with the black stool.

indoor kitchen brick see

kitchen environment style is industrial, and the brick see roof beam confirms this.


modern kitchen furniture design, black accent


, beautiful black concept has been realized in this modern and charming apartment. They have different shapes. There are many modern furniture and other facilities that dominate, as well as furniture of those times or rural styles.

original modern black dining chair series

warm wood accent softens the appearance of the kitchen. On the surface of tables and stools, laminated wood completes a complex and quite modern appearance.

modern room design

rooms with sloping ceilings also display roof beams, providing rural charm for modern bedroom furniture.

lobby is designed with wooden internal stairs.

there are some details in the lobby, which are undoubtedly different. There are indoor stairs and barbed wire mesh, which show the urban aesthetics, and then there are ceiling panels and beams on bricks.

corridor design, equipped with modern minimalist cabinets and cabinets

the space here has been fully utilized. We found that modern cabinets and cabinets along the whole wall, making this modern indoor space a special functional space.

interior design, with barbed wire and brick walls, see

is a really interesting and original interior design. Its design meets the needs of the owner, but revolves around their modern and future luxury.

modern style restaurant design with blackboard paint

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* U / / me architect

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