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is one of the things that we can’t do without women. Recently, we are not men, but mirrors. There are many original shapes and designs that can be used to decorate your house. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss modern mirrors, which can not only reflect your image, but also serve you.

modern interior decoration mirror

when you decorate your house, you must consider the shape of the mirror and the shape and design of the frame, Because they also have great power in decoration, you can choose circular mirrors arranged in a straight line. These mirrors are fixed with metal. You can hang them in the living room or hall. They’ll give you a completely different picture.

is a curved mirror used to decorate your home.

bathroom can also use the mirror in the original shape. You can choose a mirror, like the image above, which has a slight ark shape. These mirrors are very suitable for modern and elegant bathroom and add decoration to the bathroom. They are modern design mirrors, or you can choose another similar mirror.

is a mirror with original design used to decorate your house.

modern decorative mirrors can also have some decorative forms. The mirror in the above photo is an example. You can see an oval mirror with two leaves, one above and the other below. The two leaves form a circle and are connected at both ends.

mirrors of different sizes overlap to decorate the interior.

is a very interesting choice. The choice of modern living room or reception mirror comes from the overlap of mirrors of different sizes. This is a superposition of large mirrors. There are some small mirrors on it, which do not cover the whole mirror. You can give this idea another form. For example, the extension you see on the left can be made to the right or elsewhere.

is a very primitive mirror design, which is used for modern interior decoration.

such mirrors can also be found in the design of mirrors. The butterfly came out of the round mirror. This design changes the shape of the mirror and brings a lot of creativity to the interior. We suggest you put this mirror on a wall with darker or brighter colors, so that human eyes can clearly distinguish where butterflies come from.

a mirror with four spot shapes

modern bathroom wall mirrors can also be divided into multiple pieces. These fragments may have irregular shapes, as shown in the figure. In addition, they are different in size and shape, and the mirror reminds people of some stains. With such a mirror, you can bring the creativity and elegance you need to your bathroom.

the modern and original framework of the mirror. We reiterate that the framework of the modern mirror is also very important if you want to give your mirror a great decorative force. The frame can be original and unique shape or internal graphics. If you choose such a frame, the shape of the mirror is not important. You can choose a traditional square mirror.

decorate the interior of your home with mirrors of different shapes.

in the modern living room mirror, you can find the idea of a butterfly flying away from it again, but including a watch. yesThis is a watch with a mirror surface and butterflies flying next to it. This option is suitable not only in the living room, but also in the restaurant and kitchen.

a kind of mirror in which butterflies come out to decorate

. As you can see, modern mirrors with primitive shapes also include other ideas, such as butterflies. These mirrors will look good in your daughter’s room. But you don’t have to forget that the color of the wall must be darker or more eye-catching in order to clearly distinguish the butterfly from the blank in the mirror.

wooden frame for mirror decoration

on the other hand, you can also choose wooden frame. If your heart follows the characteristics and characteristics of rural style, this idea is very appropriate. In addition, the design of the wooden frame can be small wooden blocks slightly protruding on the surface or various colors. This option is also suitable in the bathroom, but you must choose a kind of wood, which is designed by wood and will not be damaged by moisture.

mirror with black frame for living room or lobby decoration

two extended mirrors on bathroom wall

wood frame

various round mirrors for interior decoration Your bedroom

cloud mirrors used to decorate your living room

many round mirrors used to decorate your interior wall

mirror frame with cross lines

a circular mirror is hung on the wall of the hall of

. The design of the mirror frame forms two corners at the top.

an elongated mirror for your internal separation Among the three


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, there is an original mirror, in which


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appear alternately in the mirror area and black area

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