Modern interior staircase design, suitable for any style

interior staircase design and style will be specially introduced in today’s post. Stairs usually take a back seat in our home. This concept must have changed by now.

modern special metal design of indoor stairs

is now more famous and helps to strengthen the style of our home. Therefore, if you want to make any reform, you must consider the design and shape of indoor stairs. If your house is modern or minimalist, these models are for you. As for the design and style of indoor stairs, there are many. They can be modern or utilitarian.

interior staircase design adopts

style sculpture elements. Rural design is also popular and can be coordinated with various spaces. Depending on the material, they can even adapt to the external area. In order to let you choose the right style, we will give you some ideas. Some details may help to adapt the style and design to your needs. Both the design and style of indoor stairs must start from the type.

have different details when viewed from different angles. This trapezoidal design

generally has more than a dozen forms. For a long time, the shape has been focused on the single stretch linear shape. Add other L-shaped or U-shaped and spiral shapes. In these variants, the parameters are different. Some parts of the structure may not conform to the model. A practical example is the rest pedal not used in the stair model.

interior design variant, with strong red contrast color. The living room

is used for interior stair design. The size is concentrated on the steps, about 29cm as the standard size of the steps. Add the height of about 17 steps. These are not invariable measures. Everything will depend on the characteristics of our family. The height of the roof is one of the main constraints.

design combines the use of steel and artistic elements on the whole side of the stairs.

each style will depend on the same form of house design. The material in the whole structure may be similar to that in the wall. For example, elements such as handrails or steps can use wood. Usually, in many photos, it combines with the floor in the same way. So if we look for something unusual, it may have an artistic ending.

artistic corrugated wood floor compared with marble floor

, all possibilities of interior stair design and shape can start from floating. At present, it may be the most popular. This floating effect is because the whole structure does not need classical support beams. In practice, these elements are replaced by elements with equal resistance. This ensures its stability and operability.

is a combination of concrete and wood. LED lights are built in each step. The diversity of

floating stairs is in contrast to many materials. In some photos, wooden steps are connected to glass walls. In other cases, they are attached to one side of the wall or suspended with ceiling supports. Many of the more daring designs are able to disperse the weight, thus maintaining the entire structure. Indoor floating stairs are designed in a minimalist atmosphere.

interesting modelThis staircase does not require additional space decoration. Its fine finish and material itself is a decorative element. It should be noted that since it is close to the wall, it is almost unnecessary to include handrails. As an important data, they must have dual stents to increase their endurance. Finally, they are stairs fixed on the wall, which is very suitable for modern simple style families.

is a beautiful idea. The built-in shelf is decorated with plants and geometric figures

. If we don’t consider a great reform, including stairs, it’s enough to update us. Away from monotonous elements, stairs can become an attractive element of the room. Although stairs have certain transition functions, they must remain beautiful.

comfortable and warm environment, using two kinds of contrast wood as the living room

does not need a lot of investment in these cases. They can be simply decorated with a little color and then sanded to expose the wood. Therefore, we do not hesitate to use our favorite colors in the design and aesthetics of indoor stairs. As we can see from the photos, the material combination on the stairs is a constant.

is another good suggestion, which shows the versatility of wood and metal. The option of

is very suitable for modern houses with open plans. Wood and glass are often combined to take advantage of the properties of these two materials. The glass used as a railing allows light to pass freely and maintains a natural effect. So the space will not be reduced by any obstacles.

using yellow seems to integrate the stairs with the whole wall. In this transition zone,

other combinations can be made, including rock or concrete and wood. The material has always been prominent because it allows a more natural or rustic aesthetics at home. As a supplement to the design, there are different color coatings and many ideas. As decorations, they can be added to prefabricated stairs. The model is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to include stairs at home.

snail design complements this modern interior

perfectly because they are ready for installation. Another advantage of them is that they can use the space below. In order to make these and other models look better, decorating the whole environment is very important. One of the most widely used preforms is the snail. They greatly optimize the space. It just designed a vertical area for the stairs.

circular shape and geometric details enhance the artistic level of

stairs and add unparalleled elegance. Although they are models with handrails, it’s best not to include this part, so they have a larger style. For indoor stairs, the future design should be better based on floating. Its pendant variant provides greater stability and safety for the design. This is not a style suitable for families with young children.

when it comes to color, this is an interesting example. Compared with wood

if we don’t need prefabricated stairs, we can improve them with light, color and texture. In particular, lighting from the wall to each step is an elegant way. Every illuminated step is the perfect solution for our safety. Except youN whether stairs can be used in other ways.

concrete steps perfectly coordinate with this large wall accent

. Corridors or stairs in corridors will have many potential. One of the most commonly used is as a storage area. A very practical thing when you have to have several objects in your hand. There are other options for stairs in the living room area. Generally speaking, this may be a more elegant design. The best way is to use the resulting space and combine it with other parts of the lounge.

another variant of concrete design, with lights embedded on different steps.

can become an elegant bookstore or reading corner. Otherwise, like the example above, it can be a storage space. If you want to save blankets and cushions, this is an option that is always useful for the living room. These are the most common ways to use these spaces.

spiral design combines the shape and structure of DNA named by glass and metal.

shelves or cabinets are amazing ways to use modern stairs. Other tips for this area may include an office or studio. When you put the folding furniture in, they look beautiful. In this way, when space is not used for work or study, it remains free. There are more extreme options, and you’ve used a kitchen.

is a cube model, which is highlighted by the significant comparison of its internal

. If it is a small apartment, please put the kitchen under the stairs. Of course, the premise is that there is no better location for this part of the house. If there is a wine cellar nearby, the small kitchen under the stairs is the perfect support. Similarly, it can also be a functional exit where you are used to holding different celebrations.

in addition to its beauty, the stairs also contain functional functions. This open living room plan

has built a small game space for families with children under the stairs. A place full of fantasy where children can have a good time. In fact, the possibility is great, and so is the design of stairs. Modern, simple or futuristic decoration has a great impact on the style of our home.

there is no doubt that this modern spiral building is like a huge flower, right in the middle of the house. The above figure of

proves this and pushes the spiral design to another level. At the same time, it maintains the shape and elegance of this modern house to some extent. In the case of a very detailed comparison of textures and materials such as concrete and wood, the floor. Enjoy these wonderful suggestions and consider the possibility of your future transformation.

enter the artistic effect of

stairs on the second floor through the built-in model in this work area, with closed edges and monochrome, coordinating other designs of

, with metal shelves and

of various geometric shapes

is a different idea. The railing and the whole stair edge design art

is a modern example. In the possibility of different material combinations,

stairs seem to integrate all furniture and different styles Accessories on the wall

the idea of using space as a storage location on modern stairs

different accessories provide an attractive color element for ESCEaves

concrete and wood will always be a wise choice for interior design

the bottom area of modern stairs can be used for different purposes

comfortable modern space Lamps are installed on the first floor of

, with multiple storage spaces for accessing the metal

white minimalist stairs, with futuristic shapes, providing vitality for the

environment Design a very special modern concept together with the art form

origami a marretti design, also committed to the minimalist form

an indoor oak staircase, steel frame, with paint cover

lighting concept gives full play to the role of stairs in the whole restaurant environment.

stair effect is full of great vitality. This is a bright and minimalist space. Another variant of

embeds lights into the stair edge of marretti

a model that seems to float in this small dining room and open kitchen space

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