Modern living room decoration – 50 spaces reflect the trend in 2017

2017 is coming to an end, followed by the disappearance of some past trends in all areas of our lives. In our article today, we will discuss the decoration of modern living room, which has experienced an obvious transformation and constantly replaced one trend after another in the field of residential interior design.

modern living room decoration trend has made us leave

in 2017. Of course, designers are not inclined to fundamentally change the appearance of our home, but for those who plan to repair or even rebuild small apartments or houses, It’s best to keep up with the latest trends.

after all, everyone wants their house to be comfortable and beautiful, but also fashionable, elegant and modern, decorated with innovative materials and forms to help them create all kinds of indoor or school supplies.

modern lounge decoration seeks comfort

, but the trend of modern lounge decoration will appear at the end of this season and will be relevant in the future. We recommend that you draw inspiration from our collection of living room design projects created by different designers around the world.

is a living room designed by studiomet architects Ø

. The living room is considered to be the main room in the home or apartment, which is the room for family gatherings and guests. In this room, you can relax and gain the power of new achievements. The living room in the new season is a comfortable room. Its design pursues the greatest degree of personal comfort and harmony, but it also has functions.

2017 Modern Salon Decoration – new trend

in all the latest interior design exhibitions, you can see the obvious pursuit of happiness motivation, which can be translated as “comfort and health”. Not surprisingly, in the all Internet era, innovation, the amazing influence of various media and virtual communication encourage us to create more and more comfortable indoor lounges in all aspects.

the living room in 2017 aims to be a quiet refuge for all those who are inundated with all the information at work every day and are tired of mobile computers and TVs.

but to seek the latest innovation in space design, it is important to say that we can’t lose our own style, maintain personality, emphasize personal preferences, and don’t blindly follow the latest trend of modern living room decoration.

the concept of comfort is different for everyone and very personalized. In order to relax, some people need to immerse themselves in a quiet atmosphere with palette and neutral decoration. However, Designers try to create a trend to meet people’s visual needs and meet everyone’s needs by reflecting the style preferences of their own design projects.

the reasons and regression roots of comfort Origin. That’s why in recent projects, we emphasized creating a really warm environment by using simple and concise solutions and, in some cases, rural style.

natural materials, family, warmth, comfort and comfort are embodied in soft fabrics, comfortable and natural color solutionsS – all these modern patterns were created to decorate the living room.

if you want to create a warm environment in a modern room, you need an old dresser, or you want to put some handmade cushions, you can do it without thinking in the new season. The latest trend of residential space design allows positive decoration, which is denied by the minimalist tendency of modern stylistics.

we now let you get inspiration from our modern and comfortable living room decoration concept and create a space that makes you feel comfortable and happy.


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