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we can’t go home without a radiator. We need them to warm us in winter, but if we want a modern and elegant interior, all they do is make the space quite ugly. That’s why in this article, we will provide you with some ideas about interior decoration. These spectacular works will bring another image to our home. The modern cover of

provides more style and elegance for the interior of

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. When we mention the cover, we must know what it is. It’s like a box. The radiator is used for camouflage. This box can be designed in different ways, with holes and drawings, and can be placed anywhere in our home.

is very complex. Another practical and important thing about designing very complex

covers for our home is that they have a flat surface, which we can use as a shelf and put all the objects we want to decorate on it Inside.

rabidores are covered on the elegant surface and have the style of

. As covering devices, they can be novel in design with slightly distorted grille, which completely changes the appearance of radiator and makes the room very fashionable and elegant. This kind of radiator is very suitable for modern indoor.

provides the original color matching device for our living room

, because we have been talking about colors and their combination, we can’t let it happen here. The color of the radiator cap can also be combined with the color of the room. We can choose to combine it with the color of the floor or wall or the color of other objects in the room.

enhances the style and elegance of the home by using

covered radiator

as you can see in this photo, the radiator shell, in some way called, is combined with the color of the furniture, in sharp contrast to the dark color of the wall. If you want the opposite effect, you don’t have to worry about the radiator being white.

radiator covers original and modern radiator exhibition hall 1

we will pay some attention to the design of these radiators, or more specifically, radiator covers. These are very spectacular works, worth at home, in a prominent place. In this case, what we see is the image of a tiger. From the beginning, we will think that we are in front of a painting, not a radiator.

interior decoration covers radiators with very elegant and original circles.

is also suitable for radiators covered by circle surfaces. This is a very original work. You can combine it with interior decoration and complete it with some exotic vases.


in our house with a feminine face. The cover can also have a series of gaps. These gaps are made according to a specific figure, such as when we see a woman’s face. To do this, we need to paint our walls in brighter colors instead of making them blank. So when we put the radiator cap on it, we will see the woman’s face on the wall. The pattern on the

overlayer is reminiscent of the cave of the art radiator cap ²

. In addition, if your overlayer displays images, you can add more image like decorations, such as some objects. For example, in this picture, we see some female charactersAfricans are painted on it. There are similar characters on it. They are Africans again, They complete the decoration.

gracefully covers the radiator, making the internal

more fashionable and modern in the space dominated by white. The combination of white and black covers is very suitable. In addition, if this work has a white pattern on a black background, it will bring a lot of style and elegance to the interior. At first glance, its whiteness may surprise us, but in fact, it is very complex.

white covering combined with dark walls

white is usually very suitable for almost all types of interior design, in which any color can be combined. So we can have gray walls and light brown floors, and the white of the radiator cap looks great.

is a very interesting radiator cap

. On the other hand, if white is your favorite color, you can put a white radiator cap on your white wall. A very original thing is to choose one with a laminated surface, as you can see in the picture. They can be thin plates moving with the hot air outlet, but they can also be curved and can be manufactured in this way.

covers the radiator, and we can put decorations

on it. However, modern furniture covers the radiator is very novel and practical, because on the one hand, we receive heat from the radiator, but on the other hand, It’s not suitable for storing our things. We can always use its top as a shelf. The radiator covered by

can not only dissipate heat, but also has the retro style

. If your house is mainly retro or retro style, you can use the radiator cap corresponding to this style. The radiator cap can have a more attractive shape with curves at the bottom or top or side. But it also gives you retro air, the metal grille in front of us.

covering radiator, combined with our retro style

our room’s classic covering

black covering

wooden covering is an ideal choice for interior decoration The wood

radiator cap is under the window and placed on a bench with cushion. Sitting on the radiator cap in the shape of


we escape from the stripe image of the radiator and cover

covered radiator is placed on the room

covered radiator. We can put things

1 on it


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