Modern small space interior design concept

is always popular as the concept of small space interior design. The following is a good example. This is a project in France, especially in Bordeaux.

small space interior design concept

this small apartment is a special display of small space interior design concept and brightness. It was redesigned in 2014 and several reforms were made to make it more functional. Everything I do will update your style in the same way. This is an interesting project, which was completed by Mikael Martins Alfonso and l’atellier Miel. The main challenge for these creators is to work in a small space. The idea of

interior design is to use the functional space

to concentrate on making it look more spacious and brighter. However, some existing features help work. Especially this small apartment has ten windows. This means that there are great advantages in light and vision. So you can make full use of natural light. For designers, the focus is on lighting and several functional aspects. They chose to paint the walls and ceiling white.

an interesting combination of wood flooring and open shelves

helps to create a more uniform and simpler decoration. However, this also requires some kind of comparison. The comfort of the environment is essentially provided by the ground. This is the chestnut that the designer chose to keep. They add a charming look to the whole decoration with their golden accent. Generally speaking, wood is the main material of the whole apartment furniture.

many windows provide excellent natural light sources. The benefits of

in a small space are manifold. With wood, there will be greater harmony and contrast inside. Because of its natural elegance, everything is very balanced. Another important part of the challenge is to create the best space for all daily functions. Especially when the apartment looks not small or untidy. Two large units were placed in the space program.

is a work area that can be used for various functions of the family.

are first placed in the living room along the wall. It has a large storage capacity and integrates an open and closed bookcase bookstore. Below is a table and a series of wheeled modules, which are also used for storage. The second unit is located on the opposite wall and is combined with the laundry, kitchen and stairs. In the latter case, this is a good space saving design example. The

section also provides good natural light input

. The whole structure includes other storage areas, including a large shoe store. The kitchen can be accessed from anywhere and all appliances are hidden. For a small space, it is very important to keep it tidy. The stairs lead to a more private top floor. In this space, the bathroom and the room are equally bright. The decoration is similar to the area mentioned on the first floor. In particular, the bathroom looks very elegant because it combines wood and marble.

another section is dedicated to the open cabinet stairs

countIn addition, there is a fully functional shoe store

interior design concept and the white roof landscape of the whole apartment

marble and wood combination to provide you with an elegant bathroom

overlooking from the top floor Sharing the same decoration style, studio honey

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