Modern windows with seats in the room

in this article, we will discuss a new theme about interior decoration and design, using one of the resources available to every family. It’s about windows and what we can do to create some original and interesting spaces. More specifically, we will focus on modern windows and show you photos of windows and how you can convert them into seats where you can rest and enjoy the scenery.

modern windows, providing seats inside your home

one way to create windows with modern and original seats is to fill them with seats on the wall. In this way, you can leave a space nearby and have some small shelves on which you can put things. On the other hand, you can hang curtains on the windows and close them whenever you want to be alone. It must be remembered that when it comes to this type of window, one of the best choices is a radiator installed under the seat. This is a very practical way to make everything in the home orderly and systematic.

three windows form a semicircle, which is at the angle of the living room.

another option of modern window design can help us save space, that is, use the bottom of the window to store your things and install drawers. This is a very good and comfortable idea, especially if you don’t have enough space in other drawers and cabinets. In addition, the interior design itself can also be completed with three semicircular windows and a sofa of the same shape.

the sofa in the corner of your house is surrounded by

windows. In some houses, the windows are likely to occupy two walls, In this case, you can choose a sofa designed for the corner to save space and fill it. In addition, you can place a table in the middle to create a small restaurant. If you have a garden, this idea can also serve you. What we call space is an extension of the house, such as a summer kitchen. In this case, the outer window is likely to occupy two or more walls.

combination of the color of curtains or blinds and the color of window base

on the other hand, you can decorate modern home windows by combining the color of the interior with the color of blinds or curtains. In the picture above, you can see a living room, where the curtains are perfectly combined with the colors of windows and seats. In addition, there is a very pleasant and gentle balance between white and orange.

two small windows and two small armchairs are used in the bedroom.

another family window model is a small window on the wall, with an armchair on each window. This idea is great for lofts and smaller rooms converted into rooms. In addition, at the bottom of the seat, you can place some drawers to get internal space. The originality and Modernity of

in the bathroom. There is a bathtub

at the bottom of the window. On the other hand, you can also choose some large windows to decorate the bathroom. You can put a bathtub. Outside the bathtub, you can tie curtains at both ends of the wall. This is one of our favorite modern window choices. They create a very fashionable and elegant interior environment.Decorated with round cushions and classic cushions of different sizes.

is a round sofa with a table in the middle of your dining room window.

there are some modern restaurants with round windows arranged to form a semicircle. By forming the lines of the window, you can place some seats and a table in the middle. We recommend that you use this idea with large windows or more, otherwise the seat space will be much smaller. In addition, after you do so, it is best to install a radiator at the bottom of the seat.

is a small sofa embedded between two furniture, and the drawer is in the

window. Another very interesting thing related to the decoration of these places is the lights you can put. They can be chandeliers or small lamps installed on the ceiling.

pink and white are used to decorate windows with

seats, We must always remember that the style of this modern window originated in the past. We can use it to decorate the retro or retro interior, or even the dilapidated chic.

windows that provide seats for your child’s or daughter’s room

the idea of a bed near the window under the stairs Make a wooden frame on your

window and use the inner windowsill to place plants and flowers.

windows. The sofa is covered with two bright and eye-catching windows of

to enjoy the sea view

bedroom windows with different sizes of seats and cushions

winter landscape, there are seats on the windows, you can see

window sofa with small lights The built-in


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. Some windows can sit outside with many seats

decoration and other plants. The curtain at the top of the window is perfectly combined with the window style with

seats. The window frames are painted in different colors to highlight the white background of the room

is a round living room with windows around. The seats follow the lines of

windows. The windows with seats and drawers at the bottom are embedded in the wall.

embed the seats in the wall Small shelf space

a round seat with cocjines for your windowsill

an ideal place to rest on a rest day or after work

black cushion window, seats with white cushion can sit, and round cushion can support

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