Monochrome apartment in Kiev, Ukraine

is located in Kiev, Ukraine. The duplex apartment has a monochrome interior, adding characters based on texture changes and strong contrast points.

is a two-story apartment building and design designed by form architectural bureau

. Form architectural bureau is responsible for the development of residential architectural design, project design and public places. What they do is define the concept of interior design and measure all places to develop planning solutions with local furniture and landscape visualization. The

apartment is designed in a monochrome style, with

as all or part We know that monochrome style is the combination of fabrics with the same color, different colors or different colors and different types of materials to create an elegant and noble space.

very original light

in this case, for the design, we can well see that the selected color is white, but no matter what color you choose, whether white, black, gold, red, blue or pink, it is important to choose decorative details, furniture and paint for the walls of the same color, Or the same tone.

white kitchen furniture

now we have left you a picture of this vibrant residential property with spectacular monochrome design and very primitive decorative details. You will probably like this design as many people do. The designer’s choice of white when choosing furniture and walls makes this bright apartment choose this design, so that your home can get a new image.

living room, equipped with comfortable sofa

living room, the design is very original

lounge with multi floor

white polished barrel wall in the lounge

white stairs lead to the second floor

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