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today we provide you with a very small apartment, which is an example of a new micro residential style. The design makes full use of space.

new style small space design original apartment

this project is a 49 square meter apartment located in Porto, Portugal, designed by urbastudios in 2016. The new style of urban life of

small apartment is a choice for urban designers Because it is located on the ground floor of an ancient building in the town.

a small apartment with two bedrooms

when we went in, the first thing we found was your kitchenette, with the walls painted mint green, white marble countertops and shelves for tableware, plates and other kitchen tools.

small apartment, simple design

the same Mint color is used again in the bedroom area, giving the space a huge and warm feeling.

apartments have green walls and designs that utilize the

space. We also found polished wood floors and walls painted white to allow light to reflect on them and make the space look wider and open.

from the room, we can perfectly see the bedroom and kitchen

. The design results show that as long as we have a little creativity and originality in decoration, we can make full use of the small space and make it a comfortable living place.

an apartment of less than 50 square meters

. As this apartment shows us, everything is possible. Even in a small apartment of 49 square meters, we can have two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen.

small and simple bedroom, green wall

design using all available space

another photo of this small apartment, where there are no obstacles

the second bedroom is very close From the ceiling

view from the top bedroom to the bed on the floor

the walls of the second bedroom are green in the same color

a new style of small family or studio, making full use of the


is an apartment in Portugal, where all the space is maximized. The small bathroom of

has classic white tiles on the wall.

the bathroom of this small apartment

1 urbastudios

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