Nordic interior decoration – the latest trend

Nordic style pleases us with its quiet tone and neat appearance. Scandinavian design is famous for its simplicity, practicality and connection with the outside world. Its appeal and possibilities have spread all over the world. This winter, you will wear a wonderful dark color, mixed with brass and copper. Green hues range from emerald to sage and mint. The color of the wall is also the opposite of white. Today, we want to show you 52 Scandinavian style interior models to make your dreams come true and enjoy the journey.

original Nordic interior design

Scandinavian style ombina features functionality, comfort and a minimum number of accessories, with exquisite and clear lines and shapes. This style is characterized by simple form, complete functions, light wood color, simple decoration, effective planning, warm color and soft tone, which makes up for the lack of warmth and light in the harsh climate of the north. What is a comfortable Scandinavian without a fireplace and a good book to read? This library is an ideal complement to a comfortable environment.

beautiful Nordic style children’s room design

what’s interesting is how different trends in northern Europe have developed in other parts of Europe. These trends usually tend to the luxury and decorative decoration inspired by the luxurious lifestyle of nobility and royalty. The Nordics planned a different design course, choosing practicality rather than luxury and function rather than decoration. Do you think children’s rooms can’t adopt Nordic style? This strange room is just the opposite.

beautiful Nordic style children’s room design

, because not all children’s rooms must be filled with neon lights and toy colors; Scandinavian style is also very suitable for the youngest person in the family.

beautiful Scandinavian style living room design

white is the perfect background of subtle tones. Anyone who chooses Scandinavian style interior will have a lightweight and open design. It is very suitable for rooms with high ceilings and large windows. The first requirement is to define the main color around which the interior will revolve. There are not many choices with white or soft beige. The main contrast combination of white is red, blue and black, while the color suitable for Beige contrast is emerald green. Nordic heritage flourishes in this bright black-and-white decorated attic.

beautiful modern Nordic style bathroom design

hexagonal tiles break the traditional subway style tiles we often see in Nordic bathrooms.

beautiful Scandinavian living room design

simplicity is the true meaning of modern Scandinavian design. Its core principle is to give priority to function without sacrificing aesthetics. These boxes are furniture components sold all over the world. The lines are simple and clean, emitting complex elegance without compromising comfort. The study is mainly white, with a little northern accent, such as natural textiles and living plants.

beautiful modern Nordic style kitchen design

Nordic style natural light is amplified in any necessary way. The proportion of windows is large. Window processing, if used, remains transparent or translucent. The mirror is strategicVisually expand the space and reflect any available ambient light. The main tone is usually neutral and reflected light. These plants add the necessary green to this charming gray and white space. The combination of ceramic tile and wood floor creates the most distinctive Nordic contrast.

the beautiful modern Scandinavian style design room

appliances also adopt simple line and shape design to create light without increasing visual confusion. Candles are widely used to soften the decoration with their flashing flame. An unconventional bedroom finds its tranquility through neutral colors and deliberate decoration. You can enjoy a very pleasant rhythm marked by decorative patterns.

beautiful modern Nordic style room design

Scandinavian interior design style walls should not attract too much attention because they are only used as the background of the environment. Doors and windows must also correspond to the main color tone. A large mirror is necessary, whether it is a blank carved frame or no frame at all. Furniture must be carefully selected. Furniture with natural wood or plywood and metal elements should be based on the principle of symmetry. Fireplace is an appropriate choice as a central note. Purple or green decorative items can be placed in the contrast of the main light color. A key point of Scandinavian style is lighting. The brighter the better. Every Nordic interior needs a good graphic poster on the wall. More importantly, if your wall is completely white, it’s like a canvas.

kitchen design and Nordic style restaurant

this modern space pays tribute to the iconic palette and Scandinavian style interior furniture design.

original Nordic style bathroom design

quiet and quiet neutral tones dominate Scandinavian design. These quiet colors make the room look bright and spacious, even on cloudy days. The white walls, finishes, cabinets and counters seem to tilt back visually, making the room feel much larger than it really is. Gray lines make the bathroom look too barren or modern, while cut flowers are separated from all inorganic lines.

modern grey kitchen design with blackboard panel

this is a kitchen. Although it looks minimalist at first glance, it has elements of Nordic style, which makes it very special. The dashboard on the wall shows a trend of this season: blackboard painting.

great modern Nordic style kitchen

original modern kitchen design, equipped with laminated wood cabinets

. In addition, there are fish scale tile panels, which are deeply loved by Nordic design lovers. How did you like it?

the original Scandinavian restaurant was designed with blue cabinets

. However, the preference for solid color does not mean that the Scandinavian design lacks vitality and vitality. Accented elements, such as ceramics, carpets, cushions and bright tone art, inject vitality and individuality into the space. In fact, they are more eye-catching in such a designed space. Blue is a non neutral color commonly used in Nordic culture. Don’t be afraid to add color to your Scandinavian interior, but be careful and restrained.Modern Nordic style


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spa bathrooms contain feng shui design concept and have a significant Swedish accent.

excellent modern Nordic kitchen design

black looks great in the Nordic style lobby. The perfect combination of black countertop and wooden cabinet makes Lun look more modern.

beautiful Scandinavian kitchen design with retro fireplace

this house contrasts with the new building in the existing space through the Nordic design concept. In a white space, the black accent contrasts in key areas, while the fireplace and wooden table on the right create the real atmosphere of the place.

great Nordic living room design

rattan chair kit and a light wicker pendant integrate the tropics into this Scandinavian interior.

original Nordic style restaurant design

let the sun shine! Crystal lights, chandeliers and contemporary lighting systems that provide flashing light help create a lighting background that glows white and silver decorations glow softly. Scandinavian style combines minimalism and minimalism to help avoid the cold in the cold outdoor environment and create a comfortable indoor and comfortable image. This kitchen with restaurant has a simple overall balance without ignoring the details.

modern Nordic style bedroom design

this room does not have much color explosion, but exudes richness and depth. Again, blue gives it a modern and refreshing look, combined with earthy tones.

modern minimalist style original bedroom design

a glimpse of this attic shows the ease with which Scandinavians decorate with simplicity and style. Few modern design elements really fill the room.

original Scandinavian bathroom design

the texture of these tiles and the metal accent in the bathroom make the space look elegant and eternal.

beautiful Nordic living room

this living room with good accent seems to be the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Natural wood wraps our warmth. In this case, the national style carpet provides a warm tone for the environment.

original Scandinavian style restaurant design

is equipped with antler lights, theme works of art and natural accent. This open kitchen with restaurant looks positive Nordic style. In this case, blue gray and mahogany designs were selected to supplement the bright white background.

Nordic restaurant furniture and Eames chairs

enthusiastic outdoor lovers, Scandinavians believe that nature can be celebrated even at home. This is why natural wood is a major feature of the Scandinavian interior. Wood is the first choice for flooring. Above, we can see a restaurant space, which reflects the Nordic style by displaying the external landscape. After all, Scandinavians attach great importance to natural landscapes as part of their interior design.

Nordic restaurant design original

potted plants are also commonly used in Scandinavian interior decoration, imitating NATRough in the house. The classic Eames chair has a place in all Nordic style houses, whether in restaurants, lounges, offices or offices.

original modern kitchen design, equipped with white furniture

a large window overlooking the garden, centralizing this minimalist space and full of natural light.

beautiful Scandinavian style decoration

this Scandinavian style space mixes items with decoration, uses stairs as magazine racks, and uses industrial style cage lights to provide lighting for the desktop.

decoration uses natural wood elements

this solidified place leads the Scandinavian interior style through the frame and surface of natural wood and white walls.

the original design of the Nordic restaurant style

Eames chairs appear again in the interior of this Scandinavian style. Sometimes, apart from these, you don’t need anything to increase the Nordic style of the interior.

original kitchen design with Restaurant

this is a modern Scandinavian kitchen with a set of unconventional restaurant chairs.

original modern office design

an impressive dark wall tone Anil complements the natural light shower in this small family office space.

original Nordic style office design

this simple office presents a playful and childish style. Soft cool colors mark the theme of decoration, while soft wood wraps the whole environment.

original modern Scandinavian bathroom design

original Nordic style kitchen design

this minimalist kitchen has found creative ways to make us look different, especially with its ox eye windows.

the original combination of restaurant furniture

a set of eye-catching printed photos occupy this bright background and slightly uneven restaurant.

the original studio design

this studio maintains a simple appearance by using curtains to hide the full bookshelves. Increase space size without increasing space weight.

original blue library design

this very luxurious parquet floor library shows us the youngest and strangest side of Nordic style without being too bloated.

original modern Nordic style kitchen design

this non-traditional kitchen is famous for its unique architecture. It remains simple, but also adds some mint green bursts.

original Scandinavian style studio design

a unused corner can become a sweet but simple desktop space. Light untreated wood has been popular for centuries and is now back in Scandinavian style.

excellent Scandinavian style living room design

mixes patterns and textures in the living room space, making the monochrome style successful.

original Nordic style living room decoration

this interior style can be called Scandinavian style, although it combines modern and rural elements to increase interest. Large plants help to make the space look more vivid.

Nordic style apartment loft original interior designSPE

this house exudes a sense of comfort, wearing a palette from the kitchen to the living room

Scandinavian black and white interior decoration design

this house has nearly 50 gray tones, and the style and texture are intertwined. It may be because of the strong contrast between black and white, or the design of some elements, but the house looks very retro. ” The “GKD SPE 47” captures the best tone of the “Scandinavian SPS” in the “grey” style of the living room

the original living room was designed with dark gray walls

do you think Scandinavian style means only white walls? This living room with gray walls is just the opposite.

Nordic style small living room design

several floors, soft blankets and sufficient natural light, which is the basis of Nordic style interior design.

great Nordic style living room design with leather sofa

a good leather sofa can be the perfect focus of Scandinavian living room. This living room with restaurant also shows how sofa can easily become the most interesting element.

Scandinavian style large living room design with gray sofa

. Here, the gray shadow presents a warm aesthetic effect through the fabric layer and the natural light from the large French windows.

Nordic style living room design, from the Scandinavian home

warm gray changed the tone of the City studio, making it a very comfortable and earthy home.

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