Northern European style unique living room design 36 exquisite photos

today, we provide you with a Nordic style lounge design concept to inspire you to create a comfortable space. Scandinavian or Nordic decorative style has become one of the most popular styles in the world.

is a living room design of Nordic and modern style. The furniture is very attractive.

appeared in the 1950s. No wonder it attracted owners seeking simplicity, simplicity and affordable aesthetics. Although bright colors or very striking accents are not typical in Nordic style, this does not mean that they look bad in this design space.

Nordic style living room design concept is suitable for small apartments

Since the middle of the last century, the modernist style has been retained, and the Nordic style design salon looks as modern as ever.

Nordic Salon with fashionable furniture and decorative paintings

on the wall, which may be related to the lack of popularity of minimalism. As you can see in these pictures, this is not a completely minimalist space, but a room full of simple, practical, neutral and easy to reuse.

Nordic lounge is equipped with very bright retro style furniture

Nordic style is very suitable for houses with original buildings. You can add a little luxury to the room by making your buildings stand out. We don’t know if anyone doesn’t like Nordic style. The space of this design exudes extraordinary nature and simplicity.

is the highlight carpet of the Nordic living room, with dark furniture

for residents in Scandinavia, it is not typical to look for luxury home design, because they prefer a warm and comfortable indoor environment.

plants are the perfect natural details of the Nordic Salon

. It is not surprising that every day, Scandinavian style becomes more and more popular, because Scandinavian style – it is light, bright, bright and simple.

the Scandinavian lounge is equipped with a perfect combination of black and gray furniture.

should have simple lines, clean shapes and dim colors. As we have said in other articles on this issue, the reason for looking for this design is that Finland, Norway and Sweden are countries with very bad weather, long winter and insufficient sunshine. This is why the design must be bright, ventilated and comfortable.

is a very bright Scandinavian salon with monochrome design.

there are many ideas and suggestions on how to design a Nordic style salon on the Internet Redesign such a design in your home.

the dark and beautiful details highlighted in the Nordic Salon

. If you want to know what basic principles you need to remember and follow to turn your salon into a real “Scandinavian” salon, please continue reading.

white lounge is equipped with beautiful furniture and details.

in the Nordic style lounge design, we must master soft colors: beige, light gray, light blue, light green and light brown. But the main color of the Scandinavian style living room is undoubtedly white.

in another picture, we can see that the carpet is a very important detail

You can add vitality to your room with blue, red and green furniture and details. “KD SPE” and “KD SPE” are the same colors as the “KD SPE” and “KD SPE” and “KD SPE” and “KD SPE”, which are not the same as the original SPS “and” KD SPE “. It depends on your imagination and personal taste.

the Nordic lounge is equipped with a fireplace and a very large mirror to make the space brighter.

when using materials, you must follow the main rules of natural materials. You can choose from many wood, metal, natural stone, glass, cotton, linen, leather, leather and ceramics, all of which can be safely used in the design of Nordic style living room.

the black curtain of the Nordic living room, with white furniture and walls

. When you choose the living room furniture, please don’t forget these materials. Your furniture must be practical and fully functional. They should not occupy too much space.

carefully selected furniture adds charming colors to the Nordic Salon

. As you can see in these photos, there are wooden or leather textile furniture. In Scandinavian salons, it is best to choose clean wood and textiles, such as leather, cotton or linen.

checkered cushions and plants add personality to this Nordic living room

your Scandinavian design living room must be very bright, which means that the windows must be large, and the curtains should preferably be transparent or white, not some light fabric.

you can see the importance of detail in these images of Scandinavian living rooms.

make your space brighter. The walls are best painted white, but you can also choose beige, light blue or light gray. You can decorate your space with a very large mirror, which will make it brighter.

is a design that includes furniture and subtle color decoration

flooring. Light colored wood is the most common choice, and it is better to beautify the space with neutral color carpet or leather decoration.

white and gray patterns are the symbols of the Nordic design

. The decorative elements in your Nordic design salon should be light or light. Don’t forget to pursue nature and originality in every detail.

Scandinavian living room wooden furniture and plants

ceramics, metals, candles, textiles and other items are one of your decorative details. Your living room should stand out with harmonious and exquisite decoration. The “KD SPE” and “KD SPE” carpets with the “KD SPE” and the “KD SPE” and the “KD SPE” and the “KD SPE” and the “SPS” in grey provide a detail for the living room, These are the elements you can add to your living room.

vintage furniture can be a beautiful alternative to modern design

, as we said, you can hang paintings of ships or fish They put more emphasis on the traditions of the Nordic countries. One of the features of Scandinavia inland is the photos on the wall, especially family photos. Wicker baskets and flowers also add an atmosphere to the Scandinavian designed living room.

is an idea of black walls and floors, and white furniture highlights


the highlight of Scandinavian inland is the bright accent. It can be bold colors, cushions, carpets, lights, paint, anything, but don’t forget that the most important thing is not to exaggerate, just add some interesting details.

large leaf plant is a very common detail in the Scandinavian style living room.

we now leave our elegant and beautiful Nordic style living room design concept to you to inspire you to create a warm and comfortable Scandinavian atmosphere.

leather is another way to bring interesting texture to the living room. The Scandinavian design

retro furniture adds the traditional style

to the living room. The beautiful furniture and very original lights on the wall add unparalleled attraction to the Nordic living room


pure white living room, equipped with very original lights

wooden floor, especially suitable for

black sofa and white fireplace in the corner of the living room, designed as

the small living room adopts Scandinavian design and uses very original light colors

. One of the ways to use yellow and other colors is to add cushions

“Nordic style design salon, showing modern details”

Nordic style design salon, combined with very elegant modern furniture “

widgets, makes this Nordic Salon so comfortable

” a Nordic design option for an open plan residence, kitchen and living room shared space

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