Old home decoration, enjoy the ancient

home retro decoration is a relatively short time thing in the field of design and decoration. This is a style characterized by a revival from the trends of the past few decades and a modernist color.

family retro decoration

this style is suitable for clothing and hairstyle, as well as family decoration or wedding decoration. In this article, we will focus on retro interior decoration.

retro decorative elements

retro living room decoration can be realized through small details such as table design, sofa and armchair decorative elements. We also need to add cushions.

retro style

if we want to make our living room more gorgeous and noble, we can choose luxury furniture. Lights hanging from the ceiling and goblets on the table fill the picture.

retro style and country style

in contrast, if we want a home-made retro decoration, but mixed with the country style, we can put the roof beam in the field of vision as one of the country elements. Armchairs can also add these details.

color retro

for those who want a more colorful and elegant retro style, all they have to do is mix colors. In this case, the retro elements can be paintings hung on the wall or decorations with retro chairs.

mirror decoration

in retro decoration, we can add other elements, such as old-fashioned mirrors, and furniture can also be old. If you have old furniture you don’t know what to do, this is an option to use them.

glass bottles instead of vases

when we want to decorate our retro interior and put flowers, the decorative retro items we can use are not vases you usually have at home, but some glass bottles.

corridor with dressing table

corridor, dressing table can be placed in front of the front door. The decoration of retro furniture mainly depends on the shape of furniture and the wood used to make furniture.

classic furniture

as shown in the figure, furniture is a classic furniture placed in the corridor. When you decorate a retro style, you don’t know what to do. Think about classic things and items, because these are the retro decorations you use.

vintage kitchen

vintage decoration can also be moved to the kitchen. The warm colors of pink and turquoise, coupled with white, give people a rich and colorful feeling, soften the interior and make people feel like a doll kitchen.


similarly, we can also use orange hue to match with the color of sofa and pendant heart. In this environment, pendant heart is an old-fashioned home decoration.

old furniture

we continue with the other rooms of the house. In the bedroom, we can put an old wardrobe and a dresser. If you have furniture from your parents or grandparents at home, you can use them to make this.

retro and complex style

For example, in this photo, we can see that the retro decoration of the family has been completed due to the pictures and photos of the bed and its surroundings. There are two styles, retro and elegant.

retro bedroom

in this photo, you can see all the retro elements that can be used in this style: beds, dressers, viewing platforms, tables, walls, and even curtains are designed for these rooms.

the bed in the bedroom

the warm color effect can also be used in the room, giving them a kind of caramel air, which well combines the style of furniture and the overall layout of the room.

classic rooms

we can also use soft tones of light pink, orange and wood colors. Once again, we noticed the shape of the bed, the dresser, the wall and its texture, and the painting.

bedroom with cradle

actually, The reasons for this style are repeated in every room. In this picture, the cradle is classic and has no original elements that bring vitality to the room.

is decorated with cages

. A new idea is to put several cages on the windows of the room, Especially if you like birds. You can improvise and put what you want in it, but if you want to put the same thing, you will increase the effect.

retro bathroom

we finally got to the bathroom. If our whole family has to follow the self-made retro decoration style, we can’t leave the bathroom on another line, But we can look for ideas: a country style wooden sink will make our bathroom a very attractive space.

an old bathtub

another retro detail of the bathroom is the bathtub. Interestingly, over the past few decades, everyone who can afford a bathtub has bought it, and now we prefer to install a shower plate because the bathtub is running out of time.

some retro elements

here we see a more complex bathroom. The retro element comes from the table on the wall, which is a sunken space where we can put shampoo and stool in front of the mirror. In the picture above, we have a bathtub that looks like it was taken out of a movie in the 1950s.

retro or Roman

“a mixture of country style and retro style can also be found in the bathroom: a very primitive wooden bathtub with brick elements on the wall, shower and chandelier.

retro wall

. Finally, family retro decoration can be completed with many paintings on the wall. If you’ve seen ancient movies, you’ll notice the layout and number of paintings on the wall.

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