PANTS FOR SHORT MEN – What Pants Look Bad/Good On Short Men?

For some short men, trousers have a great influence on the shape. Many men often do not have a good understanding of their body shape characteristics in dressing and matching. Every time they choose their pants, the effect is entirely dependent on luck.

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In fact, if we want to make our own look more attractive, we should learn to use our strengths and avoid weaknesses. Even if the legs are short or the height is less than 1.7 meters, the body can be modified by the characteristics of the pants to make the overall effect more perfect.

Faced with various styles of trousers on the market. First, we all know how to choose. Eliminate some styles that are not suitable for you, and never follow blindly. After all, in the fashion circle, every style of trousers has a reason for its existence. At this time, we have to learn to make adjustments ourselves.

Try to avoid these three trousers in matching:

① low-rise pants with low crotch

② tight-fitting pants with low waist

③ Long baggy pants

What Pants Look Good On Short Men?

1. Low waist and low crotch pants

Low waist and low crotch pants make the shape a “five-five body” ratio

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Although low-waist and low-crotch pants have also been popular, their individual style is still niche, and in many cases they cannot be viewed from a conventional perspective.Therefore, knowing that you have short legs or short stature, try to avoid such styles. Obviously, some high-waisted versions can make the shape more decent and look more comfortable and fashionable.

Matching skills: improve waist line, avoid crotch line too low

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When choosing pants, you need to be purposeful. Some mid-to-high waist versions are a good choice, and the crotch line should not be too low. After all, some pants deliberately add a low crotch design to present a personal side. So when choosing a style, you need to look at it and know which one is right for you.

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There are many ways to improve the waistline. In addition to the mid-high waist design of the trousers, it is also a good collocation technique to properly expose the waistline. One of the purposes of revealing the waist line is to optimize the overall body proportion, so it is very practical for short legs and short partners.

2. Tight-fitting, low-crotch pants

Tight-fitting, low-crotch pants give the appearance a visual effect of “upper long and short lower”

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I have always reminded the men that tight-fitting pants are double-sided, which is a plus for men of good shape. After all, they can fully show the characteristics of the body. But for partners with short legs and short stature, your modeling shortcomings will also be exposed.

Especially some tight-fitting and low-crotch or low-waist designs, this type of trousers seems difficult to control. After putting it on, the proportion of the lower body becomes shorter, and the overall visual effect of “upper long and lower shorter” appears.

Matching skills: Go for tapered, straight-fitting, loose-fitting pants

Although the styles of men’s trousers have not changed very much, the slight difference in version will also dominate the overall style trend. So we should also make good use of these changes, combined with our own figure, to make the appearance more temperament and charm.

① Fit, straight cylinder type

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Among men’s trousers, this version is the most common, suitable for partners of various body types. Whether you choose jeans, trousers or casual pants, it can reduce the “thunder-stepping rate” of the shape. At the same time, if you want to make the proportion of the shape more outstanding, then the waistline can also be appropriately selected for the middle and high waist, so that the legs appear longer.

② Tapered pants modified leg type

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The biggest feature of tapered trousers is that they can modify thick thighs and buttocks. After all, the trousers present a tapered effect, ensuring more looseness on the thighs and buttocks, so that they are very comfortable to wear, so these trousers are also very comfortable. Suitable for some short-sized partners.

③ Mid-high waist wide-leg pants

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The characteristics of wide-leg pants are very distinctive, and the loose design of the trousers completely conceals the advantages and disadvantages of the legs. However, when choosing wide-leg pants, it is best to have a mid-high waist design, so that it can be better controlled for short people. Moreover, in the styling, the raised waistline and the straight and loose trousers also elongate the visual effect of the legs, which also look higher and have a better proportion.

3. Long baggy pants are not suitable for short men

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In today’s fashion circle, loose Long baggy pants have a high rate of appearance, but this type of pants is also difficult to control. If you don’t deal with the shape a little, it seems sloppy and unconscious.

Moreover, the trousers have too many pleats, resulting in the lack of neat lines of the legs. This makes the overall look shorter, which is undoubtedly worse for the short legs or short man’s shape.

Matching skills: reduce pile folds, keep the pants neat

When matching, you can reduce the effect of pleated trousers and handle the length of the trousers. However, in summer, cropped trousers are a good choice, which can make the shape simple and neat.

① The length of cropped trousers

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The length of the trousers can avoid the pile of folds at the ankles, which makes the legs more neat. The length of the trousers can just touch the upper, or expose a little ankle, and the shape will look grand and fashionable.

When the shape of the upper and lower body choose black single products, the overall shape is better, such a tonal processing is also a good choice for short people. Feel black tone a bit depressing at this moment, the sneaker of a pair of collision color dissolved this problem very well.

② Roll up the trousers

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As for the matching method of rolled trousers, many partners may still be reluctant to try, but in the fashion circle, such a treatment is also very popular, and can be seen in the styles of all fashionistas. After all, if you roll up the trousers to expose your ankles, your legs look simpler and more elegant. At this time, not only will the ankles not appear bloated, but they will show more levels.

The trousers of many cropped trousers are designed with folds, and the shape is exquisite and neat. If some trousers or loose trousers need to be rolled up, then the fabric should be a little harder, so that it is easier to handle.

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Like this loose-fitting green overalls, after folding the toes, it can also show a simple and neat effect. Coupled with the treatment of the high waist, the overall proportion of the shape is very good, allowing short people to wear the visual effect of long legs.

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