Pavel yanev’s contemporary apartment

there are various examples in the apartment, which makes us marvel. Today we have a case designed by everyone in the studio. This modern apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria reflects the concept of luxury and modern life. The duplex apartment of this new generation building is exquisite in all details.

apartment modern open space elegant

team led by Pavel yanev is committed to using basic materials and paying attention to details. In order to achieve a modern sense of tone, they mixed black and white together. Compared with other soft textiles, wood also brings high quality. Other finishes and bright elements complete the luxurious image of this modern apartment.

in addition to the importance of all materials, their contrast makes them interesting. Several geometric aspects of this beautiful space also have different manifestations. It is precisely because of the connection with form and materials that this beautiful environment is attractive. Although it is modern, the whole interior is far away from the staleness of this modern architecture.

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from the kitchen and restaurant. Various golden details of

are perfectly integrated with other comparative designs. Every corner of this modern apartment is full of sunshine. In essence, these beautiful dim lights highlight every shape and volume of the room. In terms of architecture, the height of buildings is standard.

makes it easier to match the geometry between the ceiling and the wall. Each paint line corresponds to the deck created specifically for Pavel yanev and all in studio projects. The best covers and panels have a prominent role in the kitchen area.

is inserted into the whole area you share with the restaurant in a smooth and fresh way. The black lacquer table of this modern apartment reflects an elegant desk lamp. This is a copper design with a delightful romantic style perforated finish. This work completes the complete balance of the ceiling in the kitchen area.

rooms are designed to follow the same relaxation and rest invitation lines. The concept of the room is designed with milder materials. Create a unique preference for soft tones and complement each other in every detail. The lighting design is to adapt to the mood of residents and create pleasant dramatic effects in the background.

children’s bedroom is a perfect combination of functionality and real fresh details. With a beautiful combination, clear tones look interesting and practical. At the regional level, it provides children with everything necessary. From a beautiful reading corner near the window to a game table, you can adjust as needed to adapt to the tasks of the school. The choice of furniture is another interesting aspect of this room design.

vertical storage of furniture and bed itself are two examples that can not be ignored. The same is true of the lighting and luxurious finishes in the master bedroom. They together constitute a space, in addition to their beauty, everything is for rest. Enjoy these interesting details of this modern apartment in the studio. Go back without hesitation to find more interior creative ideas.


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