Polished concrete 24 photos showing precious floors

today, we provide you with some amazing ideas for polished concrete flooring to make you fall in love with it. For years, concrete has been a material used for basement or attic floors and walls, but now they are outdated because many people choose this material to provide industrial air for their homes.

polished concrete bathroom floor is designed by Vora architecture

. As shown in the figure below, concrete is very suitable for the contemporary design of kitchen, lounge, restaurant and bathroom, not just this.

is designed by norm architects

for polished concrete on bedroom floors. In addition, the concrete is durable, easy to maintain, and provides a variety of textures, colors and glazes. That’s why we chose to talk about this multifunctional material.

bedroom designed by Barbara Hill design with concrete floor and ceiling

concrete is a material composed of cement and water, but it can also be composed of rock, river and granite, limestone and calcium sulfate and water.

concrete floor wide bathroom designed by Amit Apel design

is the most basic floor material, which usually forms the subsoil or foundation of buildings and can be covered or exposed with wood or ceramic tiles.

concrete floor bathroom designed by MCK architects

if you are building a new house, you can simply expose it. However, as part of the renovation, concrete can also be used on existing floors and covered with concrete slabs.

kitchen with concrete floors and wooden ceilings, designed by bossley architects

for the new building, Concrete is poured from the beginning of construction, so the mixture of aggregate, color and finish of radiant floor must be determined at this time.

concrete floors for kitchens and restaurants are designed by I / O architects. The polishing level of

will affect the overall floor aesthetics and budget. A polished or matte appearance costs less and makes it look more natural because it does not show many stones in the substrate.

bathroom with concrete floor and sink designed by Toledano + architects

. You can also use varnish to protect and seal concrete and cement surfaces to improve their durability.

kitchen with concrete floor and Robson Rak’s modern design

polished concrete floor may be a cost-effective option, but finishing, handling and installation will affect the final cost. In addition, you can use a variety of color and texture effects in case you no longer like the design and want to change it.

simple restaurant, designed by Mu architecture

, the concrete is very strong and durable. Yes, it is possible to scratch the concrete surface, but it is difficult to do so. In addition, it is fire-resistant and will last a lifetime.

a small bedroom with concrete floor and ceiling designed by Maria Castell ó

. Another advantage of concrete is that it absorbs heat from direct sunlight and gradually releases it during the day and night.

bedroom with polished concrete floor designed by hufft projects

it is important that the concrete is susceptible to moisture if the upper and lower surfaces of the concrete are not properly sealed.Leo, it’s probably mold and fungi.

small living room with concrete floor designed by Sue Architekten

the concrete floor is easy to care for, you only need soap and water or neutral detergent to clean and clean. In order to maintain the required brightness, it may also be necessary to re polish.

kitchens are equipped with modern islands and concrete floors, designed by beauconcret

polished concrete floors, which are very suitable for areas we often pass, such as corridors and kitchens. Various colors can easily change the appearance of a room.

is the kitchen and Restaurant Design of cornerstone architects

. From these photos, we can see that the space we show you has gray polished concrete floors and white walls or similar colors Color combines the floor and furniture, giving people a fresh and charming feeling.

the concrete floor lounge designed by Matt Gibson architecture

is a sustainable option. Once the concrete is polished, polished or sealed, it looks very exquisite in the traditional kitchen or living room, especially when combined with oriental carpets, beautiful furniture and accessories.

a large house with floor, ceiling and concrete walls designed by Luciano Kruk

. Concrete is a typical material for industrial design space, but in addition to building materials, it can also be used for household goods, furniture and accessories, Even to produce some unexpected designs.

lounge, kitchen with concrete floor and white walls, designed by standard architect

, Concrete benches can be used for the countertops in the lounge or on the island, and concrete sinks can be used in the bathroom. No matter what you choose, don’t miss these encouraging space images. The concrete floor is very beautiful.

bathroom is designed by Felipe Hess,

spacious and modern lounge, designed by [i] Da architect,

very spacious and modern lounge, designed by cadaval & sol á Morales

bedroom modern freestyle connection





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