Polished concrete in interior design – everything you need to know

polished concrete walls and floors create attractive interior design features and are suitable for a variety of styles. They are often used as walls to emphasize or show a certain charm. Concrete walls can also be the focus without having to be decorated with eye-catching wall art. So let’s use some examples to explore this beauty and versatility.

in some cases, you can choose to remove all paint layers from the wall to expose the concrete below. But what if there’s no concrete under the paint? You can then choose to add a layer of concrete to the surface. Mix your concrete first. It must be as thick as a pancake. Then continue to spread the dough on the wall. Apply one layer, let it dry completely, and then add another layer. Then you can grind it to a smooth appearance, or keep it as it is.

brick chimneys had a great moment not long ago. Now they are not as popular as before. A better choice for modern interior design is polished concrete fireplace. But how to convert? Well, first expose the bricks in the chimney. Then fix the cement board on the brick. Fix the joint with mesh belt, then mix the concrete with water and start applying the mixture to the chimney.

concrete walls look particularly beautiful in the corridor. Light usually highlights its texture and produces interesting effects. You can choose to include an accent wall in a transition space, and give it a Zen style appearance by placing a river stone in one corner of the wall.

when using concrete walls in interior design, it must be ensured that they do not occupy space. One way to avoid this is to add some bold colors to the wall.

the bright blue appearing here makes this special wall the focus of the whole room. In some cases, exposed concrete walls can grind the room to give it a cohesive and balanced appearance.

combines cement walls with carpets with similar color and texture designs. This strategy is most effective if the room has large windows or glass walls to let in natural light and beautiful scenery.

if you choose to cover the wall or part of the wall with cement board, you have two options. You can stick the board to the wall and finish your project, or you can cover the joint and apply two layers of concrete to get a smooth surface.

there are no rules when using concrete walls in houses. Any room can accommodate them because the environment and decoration are very good. Bathrooms are no exception. You can use the natural properties of this material to create interesting combinations.

if the accent of a wall is not enough, if there is a concrete wall in the room, it may bring you the industrial charm you need. Consider using this strategy when decorating the basement. In this case, it seems to be the perfect style.

if you want the appearance of concrete, but you really don’t want to make a big transformation at home, you can choose to use wallpaper that imitates polished concrete. Use it to give the room a stick

polished concrete flooring

polished concrete flooring is becoming more and more popular in families, with a variety of finishes and colors, This means that they can be specified in colors other than gray. But even those who like the appearance of cement may have doubts about its usefulness and use. Read on to learn more.

learn some quick data about polished concrete floors: these floors are made of ground diamonds and then treated with chemical densifiers. They are polished with diamond polishing tools and special polishing pads are used on the concrete.

depending on the desired gloss level, the most common finish sand grade for polished concrete is 800, 1500 or 3000. Concrete is not considered polished until 400 grains. This is called “sharp” concrete. Polished concrete floors are best designed at the beginning of the project. They are usually 100 mm thick.

how much is the polished concrete floor? You must pay more than 20 euros per square meter, including laying, finishing and sealing. It depends on the size and type of floor you choose, and even bad weather conditions can affect your choice.

how does it feel to live with concrete floors? Polished concrete is strong, easy to clean, improves with age, is free of dust mites, and provides a neutral background for its interior design. It can be used for continuous floor plans indoors and outdoors, but note that the outdoor weather affects the color and appearance. Any damage can be removed with a new polishing agent. The disadvantage of

is that it is a very hard material, so if something falls on the ground or on the ground, concrete will not be the loosest cover. The soles of the feet are also very cold, although it is easy to solve this problem in combination with floor radiant heating.

indoor polished concrete

you should want some cracks on the floor and clean it slightly around the perimeter. Some maintenance is required and the soil may be resealed over time. The supplier also offers a range of decontamination and care products. Any spillage (especially acidic liquids) must be removed immediately when it occurs.

polished concrete floors and laminated wood shelves serve as the rich background wood in this compact modern urban building.

how to install concrete? It is unwise to pour and polish concrete floors on the basis of DIY; The skills, equipment and experience required make the job an expert job.

the most common method of pouring and finishing domestic floors is to use the “submerged bay” method:

the whole space is filled and leveled with laser, rake, vibrating settler and bull float.

throughout the day, the concrete surface is refined and leveled with manual and electric floats.

the final surface is closed and compacted with a manual pallet and / or electric grader. This brings the grout to the surface, softening and hardening until it produces a gloss. This pUede takes 4-14 hours, depending in part on weather conditions; If it is too cold (5 ° C or lower), the fresh concrete may be permanently damaged; If it is too hot, the concrete will shrink.

concrete must be polished and sealed after pouring and preparation; Things to be done at least a month after watering

to achieve a high degree of polishing of the floor surface, you can use a flexible inlaid diamond polishing pad to improve the surface.

grounding must be sealed. Use permeable sealant to ventilate the concrete.

can be readjusted? Polished concrete screens can be installed on existing properties, but are usually specified for expansion. However, concrete floors can be used instead of wood floors, just considering that the finished floor level must be constructed to a considerable extent to maintain the original floor level.

must also consider ventilation, although block and beam systems can be used if the new polished concrete floor must be suspended rather than supported, in which case the structural engineer should be consulted. Who provides concrete? Floor concrete may be supplied by the ready mix supplier or “site batching”.

almost any solid concrete floor, whether new or old, can be polished. But there are some exceptions. For new flooring, there is no need for special hybrid design to obtain good results. However, the floor must be in place for at least 28 days before polishing begins to ensure proper curing. Some retail facilities and warehouses that plan to polish the floor after laying may specify to install the floor as smooth as possible to minimize the polishing steps required.

existing floors need some surface treatment before polishing to remove dirt, grease, coating or stains. However, wavy, patchy or very porous soils may not be suitable for polishing. Experienced contractors usually determine the suitability of the soil.

in order to help cure and compact polished concrete surfaces, some contractors use permeable hardeners in concrete, usually after the first stage grinding process. These products can be applied to new or existing floors to chemically react with concrete to form a hard crystal structure. They can also prevent dust in the concrete and provide additional protection against water penetration and pollution.

polished concrete floor looks as smooth as glass, but it is completely safe to walk when kept clean and dry. More importantly, they are less smooth than linoleum or polished marble. However, in public facilities with large pedestrian flow, the prevention of slip and fall accidents is a priority.

here are some suggestions to improve the skid resistance of polished concrete floor: keep the polished floor free of oil, grease and ponding. Follow daily maintenance procedures to remove spills and stains as soon as possible.

apply anti slip conditioner. These products contain specially designed additivesImprove traction and make wet surfaces safer. They must be reapplied regularly, but only during regular cleaning.

apply a layer of sealant on polished concrete containing non stick additives. These products only need to be mixed in the sealant before application to increase traction without removing the appearance of the polished surface.

use polished concrete floors in exhibition areas or low traffic areas, and rubber carpets or carpets at high traffic entrances.

in most cases, polished coatings are used to cover problematic floors and obtain a completely smooth and seamless surface. In other cases, the owner wishes to improve the existing soil with decorative saws or obtain a soil finish by seeding layers with colored aggregate.

even sealed coverings require some routine maintenance, depending on the exposure conditions and the type and amount of flow they receive. For indoor floors, wet rags or dry abrasive powder are usually the only maintenance required to prevent the accumulation of abrasive particles in dust. External roughness may require occasional pressure cleaning or scrubbing with a soft detergent.

some paint manufacturers recommend sealing outdoor surfaces every year, Depending on the volume of traffic you receive and whether you are exposed to freeze-thaw conditions, be sure to consult the paint installer or manufacturer for recommendations on the appropriate sealant required for a particular application and verify its compatibility with Overlap. Not all sealants are suitable for outdoor use.

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