Private residential design in Taipei

blossom is the name of this interior design project, which was created by Alfonso ideas. This is a private residence located in Taipei, Taiwan; It has a multifunctional and very comfortable decoration. The interior design of

private residence in Taipei, Taiwan

space has been effectively utilized to meet all the daily needs of young families.

original modern interior design, open space and well lit

palette remain neutral in the whole room, attracting people’s attention in a strategic position through the vibrant color explosion caused by some works of art, cushions and ultra-high pressure tripods.

original living room design, equipped with leather sofa and color cushion

living room is comfortable and cool. The earthy and gray tones bring softness, and the whole hair carpet adds interesting textures.

original modern interior decoration adopts bright burst color

. The two living room spaces are separated by a partition wall, surrounded by multiple units and shelves for storage. The charming details of the pot in the cage on a small table add a little visual interest to the environment.

original interior design of modern residence in Taipei

at the corner, an accent wall with open shelves invites us to discover the hidden things through the rectangular niche in the center of the sign.

original loft apartment interior design

in this photo, you can appreciate the intention of the environmental separator in this loft space. On the right is a comfortable lounge designed for rest and leisure. On the left, there is a small corner for reading or activities.

is the original design of modern inetrior. It adopts

laminated wood floor. When we focus on decoration, we will appreciate that the laminated wood wraps the whole space in an elegant and smooth way,

modern living room design is equipped with leather sofa and upholstered armchair.

series leather sofa and upholstered armchair bring a masculine and calm feeling to the scene, otherwise it will appear too clear. On the roof, Two rows of industrial style lights are combined with various inlays to ensure sufficient lighting at every moment of the day.

the living room with modern design is inlaid with round light on the ceiling.

the whole creates a fresh feeling Comfortable, this is a truly original modern functional interior.

children’s room original design pink decoration

finally, we can have a look at the children’s room, decorated with simple elements and explosive pink chewing gum. The clear wood complements the white walls and shutters.

* Alfonso creative design

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