Provence Decoration – 26 very popular French Style Interiors

today we have provided you with some Provencal decorative ideas to add a beautiful atmosphere of relaxation, warmth and subtle elegance. This design combines the elegance of Europe and the rural style and characteristics of the old world to achieve the elegant and comfortable decorative style of Provence, France.

Provence decorative kitchen and restaurant options

Provence style is very suitable for rural houses and elegant families, as long as we can find the perfect balance between beauty and comfort.

Provence decoration and modern concept living room

add lovely soft colors and pattern furniture, as well as prominent accent, you can create a space inspired by this warm and comfortable decoration style at home.

kitchens and restaurants are equipped with Provencal style white furniture

. We hope the pictures we show in this gallery can help you define your style. But what is the French Provence style? The style of Provence originated in the hills and valleys of rural France.

the creativity of modern furniture is full of Provence.

is an untried style based on deep-rooted local traditions and precious items handed down from generation to generation.

dilapidated furniture is very suitable for Provencal style restaurants.

is simple and elegant. This style has won the soul and eyes. The French have a natural sense of taste and elegance, maintaining this carefree original style.


are very creative, creating a Provencal style kitchen design


, ,


, but they are also very balanced. No matter how many different elements we find in the mixture, the decoration always finds a balance.

Provence style kitchenette furniture options

if you want Provence style design, please focus on soft accents. Beautiful fabrics and provincial patterns are typical of Provence style in France.

Provence style wallpaper is designed to balance the restaurant

with today’s busy lifestyle, Softer colors and more exquisite patterns have become very popular choices. Beautiful stripes, decorative decorations and lace accents add elegant finishes.

Provence style creative works. You can add

in the living room or bedroom. This style is characterized by elegant and soft strong notes, but still retains the details inspired by rural life. In a real Provence design space, you can easily see the typical colors, yellow and warm red, reflecting the surrounding countryside.

porch with very beautiful Provence style furniture

Provence style rooms can also contain earth color or dark green elements. Another typical thing is to decorate furniture.

is a room designed for teenagers. It adopts the design of

in Provencal style. When you choose how to decorate furniture, please note that French fabrics show an elegant sense of form.

the idea of Provence style furniture and accessories can be added to the

Provence fabric in the bedroom, and you will see the flowers arranged in an organized way. Another very popular picture, which we can see printed on Provencal style fabrics, is a picture representing gardens, fountains and other santua.An elegant river.

original bedroom chooses Provencal style design

Provencal decoration is the only room with a mixture of ordinary farm animals and elegant and picturesque birds. In the design of Provencal style, it is more likely to find formal tapestries, as well as more complex architectural elements and patterns.

silver steel bed adopts Provencal style design

to create Provencal decorative design, using false decorative finishes and excellent materials to realize the style and rural characteristics of the ancient world.

a very feminine Provencal style bedroom design

a striking stone fireplace is a popular feature of Provencal style rooms. The natural stone wall brings a rural flavor to the living room.

a table in Provencal style, facing the window and letting natural light illuminate

in order to achieve balance, we suggest that you only bring some Provencal influence to the room, such as printed curtains from floor to ceiling, Rich wallpaper or paint finishes, as well as formal fabrics. The idea of

crib and furniture to create a Provencal style nursery

, but if you want a typical design, you can also fill the space with vintage furniture, as you can see in all our pictures.

is another very original design. The antiques printed with

in the children’s room are an important part of Provence decoration. From a series of plates displayed in glass windows to old-fashioned furniture such as beds or sofas, you must choose carefully.

dark furniture concept is very suitable for the living room designed by Provence

now we let you re-examine these original Provencal style space design concepts for inspiration.

is another Provencal style furniture option for the

lounge. You can recycle old furniture and add it to your Provencal space, designed as

an open graphic house and light colored wooden Uber, some of which have Decorated

armchair, with very typical living room flower patterns, with Provence design

Provence design. The most popular patterns are striped flowers and decorations. We can all see

in this bedroom

more details can help you experience the charm of Provencal style

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