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in many articles, we talked about the small reception. We gave you different ideas on how to decorate them. We also talked about the narrow corridor so that you can get more space in it. With the same idea, we will start with this article. We will discuss the front desk bank you can put inside.

bank is a small reception room.

furniture design has nothing to do with the size of the reception room. That’s why even if your entrance is not very big, you can choose some furniture with small entrance. These furniture are very practical and comfortable, because in addition to a place where you can put things down, you can get more space than large furniture.

is a very modern reception bank with furniture including

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. However, please note that some banks provide furniture including entrance. If the size and shape of your lobby allow such furniture, this idea is very good. On the other hand, you can also choose some reception desks. There are some compartments or metal strips under them. You can put your shoes in them.

is a piece of furniture with a shoe compartment

, but some entrance cabinets look like benches. If you want or can’t decorate them with flowers or statues, you can also use them with banking functions. We suggest you choose a wardrobe with compartments specially designed for shoes.

is a bank that decorates your lobby

on the other hand, you can also choose a classical style lobby bank with simple design and dark color. The entrance can also be decorated with vases and other decorations. The disadvantage of this classical style bench is that there are not enough drawers and compartments. You may need to add more furniture. That’s why if you don’t have enough space, we suggest you don’t stand on this kind of furniture.

a bench with three compartments is used for a small reception room

. On the other hand, the decoration of the reception room can also be completed by a bench with cushions. You can decorate it with a large cushion designed for the bench and other cushions. The entrance can also be decorated with paintings or photos on the wall.

a bench with metal strips under the shoes

however, if you want to maintain a simpler decorative line, you can choose a bench with metal strips under the shoes. These benches also have furniture and cabinets. In this way, you can jointly decorate and decorate the interior of the entrance.

a comfortable and practical Mu bank for storing shoes

a bank with several hangers on the top

a small reception desk with bank and other furniture is designed in the small indoor space

a small bank for your receiver and install furniture on the wall

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