Research on making full use of space

research is an excellent example that innovative solutions can achieve. We can often find some interesting suggestions for small space. In course design, it is based on compact aspects and intelligent design.

studio designs

with unique charm. Before we start to introduce in detail, let’s start with what is a studio. The studio is an apartment with a big room. This means that in many cases, the kitchen, living room and bedroom are close. Everything can be in this public room.

studio uses every corner to have some ingenious

. In view of this situation, many studios include some solutions to separate environments. They can be half height walls or even well placed furniture. Bookshelves are situations that help provide some privacy and help define space. In terms of research, the benefits mainly lie in the budget. Rent plus other utilities.

wooden floor is a perfect contrast between white walls and

in this space, but it is obvious that careful analysis and selection must be made in terms of design or storage. Similarly, when it comes to incitement or celebration, the ability is also reduced. Generally speaking, the studio may be the ideal solution for those who don’t need too much space. From a financial point of view, if we compare them with larger space, they are a good choice. For students, Bachelors and anyone looking for something simple or low budget accommodation.


walls are made of bare bricks with white paint. An environment like


, ,


only needs to be prepared to solve the storage and other problems we mentioned earlier. The studio has special functions, such as partition wall. One of the most useful things is the shelf. Shelves built into open areas are always helpful. They are a popular choice because they can place books and decorative accessories.

rural style makes this room different, optimizes the space

, and we must also increase the impact on privacy. Kitchens, not walls, should be more limited. You must have everything you need. This is a functional space. However, overloading should be avoided. We all know the influence of mirrors to create a visual effect of breadth. In the studio, we can use them in doors and walls.

is a functional proposal for long and narrow environment, with open plan

. In this way, we will get a greater sense of space through reflection. This will eventually make our room look bigger. If there is a possibility of building, you can create spaces at two levels. These designs are ideal for increasing depth. These dimensions will create clearer areas within us. In terms of decoration, the choice must be realistic, but equally elegant.

art is another perfect choice for decorating the walls of

studios. Sofa beds and folding beds are often essential. Depending on the space, they can make different choices, just like compact furniture. It’s common to choose things that help reflect light like mirrors. Acrylic furniture isOr it is hardly noticed and does not affect the visual continuity of the lounge. Basically, furniture should be multi-purpose to avoid having several unnecessarily. The concept of

is to distinguish some important areas, bedrooms, living rooms and kitchen areas

, for example, it can be used as a footstool for coffee table or auxiliary table if necessary. The bed in many studios is a typical example. The model can be folded into other furniture. And cabinets that can hide other compact areas. In particular, workstations can be inserted into these multi-functional cabinets. The movable diaphragm as shown in the figure below. “KD SPE” and “KD SPE” are the perfect excuses for adding “KD SPE” and “SPS” accessories at the same time. Your white accent is another detail that directly helps reflect light and does not reduce the space of the room. If you like modern design, this TV furniture is a good example. The transparency of acrylic acid has attracted little attention. This helps to build a harmonious image anywhere. Enjoying these designs may help you today or in the future.

compact acrylic furniture, The perfect choice for any small living room

is a good idea when you try to make full use of natural light in the

space A folding bed is the perfect choice for saving and using the room.




. The desk can be hidden in some furniture near the lounge, such as




in this example. Materials and appropriate lighting will highlight the warm images of these environments.

the under bed work area is another practical exit to make full use of the

mirrors on the cabinet door, Another important detail to create visual breadth

another good design example uses wood and its aesthetic idea of

, which is based on two levels, with a small room at the top

The space hidden at the bottom and everything needed for comfortable work

suggest perfect furniture, suitable for CB2

comfort and style research sofa can be used as a bed in many cases, saving us space

another beautiful two-story studio scheme, with a small room

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