Residential flooring – select the appropriate type of flooring and tips

today, we provide you with some ideas on different types of house floors. Countertops have as many options as floors in a house. But we believe that on our website, you will find the best design for all tastes and purposes.

family floor choose the wood floor of the living room

to choose the appropriate materials, you need to consider some things, such as the frequency and shape of the room you usually use, and consider some floors suitable for your family lifestyle.

dark wood flooring

please also consider your priorities. It prefers easy maintenance or beauty.

a rough living room design and a very elegant dark wood floor

our suggestion is to take some time to review our ideas, read all the information about floor options in the photos, determine which options are really important to you, and narrow your choice to a short list Contains the best options.

kitchens choose very primitive wooden floors and white furniture, in sharp contrast to

. We all want our floors to be natural and beautiful. But when making choices, we must not forget the practical problems. Let’s find the most suitable products for your family.

lounge is equipped with classic design neutral color furniture and precious wood floor

. As you can see from the first picture, we will start with wood. As we have discussed in other articles, wood is more durable than other flooring options and can be refined and polished many times.

is a wooden floor house with open graphic design, which shares the space of living room and dining room.

hardwood and solid wood can be refined and polished infinitely, and even change the appearance. Today’s Polyurethane finishes allow the installation of wood floors in kitchens and bathrooms, provided precautions are taken to minimize water spillage.

kitchen design retro furniture and wood flooring

wood flooring has board, board and parquet flooring. The surface treatment of precast pavement is sometimes beneficial to the owner, Because it eliminates steam, the room can be used 24 hours after installation. The spacious bedroom of

is equipped with very primitive furniture and wooden floors. The color options of

floors are not so many, but if there are many. Solid wood flooring consists of two or more layers of wood similar to plywood.

one bedroom with minimalist bed, white wall and wood floor

the upper layer is made of hardwood veneer and the lower layer is made of cork. There are also solid wood floors, consisting of a solid piece of wood, most of which are unfinished.

furniture grille and living room floor made of reddish brown wood

durable, elegant and unique high-quality hardwood flooring can improve many contemporary architectural spaces and traditional style houses, This is the choice of major architects and designers.

residential floor type open graphic design of restaurant kitchen and living room. The floor is made of ceramic plate

. In the photos below, you can see ceramic plate, clay or stone floor. Plate is a convenient material.For any room with ara flooring, you want a durable, low maintenance floor.

restaurants are equipped with furniture walls and neutral color clay floors.

floors are especially suitable for areas prone to moisture, which we usually use in such areas as bathroom, entrance and kitchen. The color range of ceramic tiles is almost unlimited, as is the pattern, shape and size.

kitchens have white walls and large floors

a good reason you should choose this material for your floor is that you will enjoy a durable surface that can last for years. Floors and tiles are very flexible and do not require extensive maintenance (just cleaning and scrubbing).

is another original choice for your indoor flooring.

is suitable for underground heating systems. They are stain resistant, wear resistant, and do not burn or melt. They are also easy to repair because individual tiles can be replaced.

spacious and bright restaurant, bright ceramic floor

is opposite to ceramic tile floor and floor. We can say that in the coldest period of the year, this may be a cold surface. There are also several bright and smooth ceramic tiles, which are slippery whether wet or dry They are in danger of slipping.

restaurant with ceramic plates on the floor and walls

you can also choose ceramic tiles, which are usually composed of real stones cut into various sizes. As we know, it is a durable and beautiful material.

very spacious lounge, equipped with very large bookcases and decorations, as well as wooden floor

, you can also choose stone bricks typically composed of real stones cut into various sizes. As we know, it is a kind of beautiful and durable material.

is the perfect choice for cerdomus grey flat bathroom.

color depends on the stone type. Stone is also a good surface for underground heating systems.

is the perfect original plate option for indoor and outdoor.

also provides a unique visual appeal style. Although some types of stones have higher maintenance requirements than other types of stones.

is an option on the bedroom floor. The stone floor

vinyl base plate cover is durable and suitable for any room. You will find that vinyl can be used as bed sheets or tiles.

residential floor type the concept of modern residence vinyl floor

vinyl is still a good choice for floor covering materials because its surface is easy to clean and has a variety of colors and patterns to choose from. This makes it a low cost, multi-functional material.

is a kind of vinyl floor imitating textiles. In the modern living room,

has many vinyl floor designs, which combine new technologies in texture and durability to make the appearance more modern and realistic. In addition, it is an affordable material that can be easily placed according to the size and shape of the room.

is another choice of flooring with primitive and modern texture,

, but we must not forget that it is easy to cut and tear, that is to say, He must be careful not to drag heavy objects onto himA renewable surface, such as wood, can burn.

is a vinyl floor that mimics the concrete in the modern living room.

vinyl floor, mimicking pergo wood, is perfect for every room.

is an office with original design, and vinyl floor mimics wood

The kitchen adopts modern design and vinyl flooring, imitating the wood

. The laminated flooring presents decorative images on one or more sheets of tissue paper or other fibrous materials.

domestic floor workspace uses gazzotti

laminated floor. In order to improve durability, the decorative layer is impregnated with plastic or resin, and then the substrate is added to prevent deformation.

bedroom with l’anti colonial laminated floor and slate on the wall

kitchen is one of the most commonly used rooms with this floor, followed by living room and dining room.

is a ramnido floor designed by l’anti colonial

, because the printed image is actually a photo, and the laminated floor looks like wood, stone or other materials, with a wide range of colors and patterns. The idea of

comes from the spacious living room with l’anti colonial

laminated floor, which may sound hollow when you step on it. In order to solve this problem, some manufacturers provide materials that help to reduce noise.

is a bedroom with a laminated floor that mimics pergo wood

, as you can see in our photos. The laminated floor perfectly mimics the appearance of other materials such as wood, stone or ceramic tiles.

is a modern living room with laminated floors, imitating the wood of Tarkett

. Some laminates are almost inconsistent with reality, although the cost is low. There are many brands and products you can choose from.

another sandwich floor design similar to Tarkett wood

is not difficult to protect the sandwich floor. In addition, you can apply it to the existing floor without any problems, which allows it to be removed and reinstalled elsewhere.

is an intimate lounge equipped with Tarkett Ø

laminated floor, which provides warmth and softness for the soles of the feet. Carpet is the best choice. The carpet has two parts: front and back. Carpets play an important role in the design of your home. The idea of


type home floor is to cover the ground with carpet, just like this colorful

carpet, which not only has a variety of colors and patterns, but also has many different textures, making it a very common choice.

one of the least daring choices is this very dark carpet.

also has many choices, from brand to offering different types of carpets. There are even carpets for the children. The new synthetic fiber technology provides you with better anti pollution alternatives, higher elasticity and even the choice of “green” carpet.

lounge adopts modern design and carpet to increase comfort

you can enjoy endless choices of styles, colors, patterns and textures, as well as various types of fibers. Carpet can be a good sound insulation material with smooth surface. It is a good choice for families or nursing homes with children because it won’t slide.

wood floor bedroomAncient and precious carpet

now we let you re-examine these types of home flooring and choose the best choice. No matter what material you choose, it is important that it is useful and suitable for your lifestyle. Please consider our suggestions before making a decision.

carpets with beautiful patterns in the modern living room





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