Retro space design in different areas of our home

retro spaces are increasingly entering different areas of our family. It’s fashionable to give some parts of the house a sense of retro. Best of all, in order to create the retro space we like, we usually don’t need a lot of investment.

the retro space of the elegant bedroom

can highlight many aspects with some simple materials and simple details. Whether it’s a lounge, a kitchen or a room with precise elements, we will achieve great results. Small details such as drawers, candles and furniture will always be different.

retro space, functional bathroom concept

, as long as we collect a little of these details, we can shape the retro space for you. With some free time, we can create a real functional environment. Several details distinguish the retro space.

is in sharp contrast to the wooden and metal bed

, one of which, like other styles, is color. This is a detail that will always determine these spaces. Not only for walls, but also for furniture. In the latter case, you can add color annotations to the restored furniture.

concept retro style restaurant

can adopt soft colors to make it look elegant and fresh. You can even make it look old, leaving some areas without color. In general, furniture is a good choice when it comes to giving retro decoration personality.

wooden furniture with decorative elements

we should not exaggerate their selection and mixing methods to avoid creating imbalance in the room. On a global scale, the retro space we want to give it life must be based on a preliminary analysis of several factors.

white vintage wood furniture

the furniture and accessories mentioned above will strengthen our design concept. It is mainly old pieces, which may or may not be original. Although we must emphasize that many modern designs are inspired by The 1950s and 1960s.

living room is equipped with various accessories. Compared with

, various decorations will be selected according to this style. They can be vases or even old suitcases, which can be used in many parts of the house. Importantly, the accessories of these retro spaces remind us of the past and recreate these spaces to some extent.

pink furniture choose

the wall is an important center in many cases and helps to strengthen the whole design. Wallpaper is the best if we want to benefit from it. With it, you can also recreate spaces in a simple way and get incredible results.

restaurant’s flower details and frame mirrors

. Even if the aesthetics of furniture is a little ignored, the living room or retro bedroom will maintain a complete style. There are paintings inspired by the 1950s on the wall. And aging of mirrors or frames.

fresh living room, walls and furniture in soft tones.

will bring magical appearance to any place and will become an excellent reinforcement of retro decoration. In addition, the use of white on furniture can not be ignored. It also combines the basic use of pink and wood we mentioned.

wide kitchen design and vintage furniture

small details are always the final touch up in these environments. Books with old covers can also be placed in the room or living room. They can be placed on shelves and are equipped with metal accessories made of copper.

apply soft colors on the curtains.

are mainly simple line elements, and brown tone may dominate. Similarly, we also have some creative freedom, especially in furniture. No matter what era it represents, it can be seamlessly integrated with these accessories.

elegant bedroom and black accent

produce some unique retro spaces. It is this interesting contrast that always brings us excellent results. Because of the way different parts are placed, they have no direct relationship and do not affect the harmony of these spaces.

kitchen decoration with recycled elements

an interesting aspect is that creating retro space can be brought to any corner of the house. The restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants. This is a very important accommodation, not only because it is a food space.

functional kitchen furniture, with clear colors,

is also a social area, so it should be a pleasant and functional space. Basically, even if it is not a retro theme, its decoration is based on items such as chairs and tables.

warm effect, equipped with elegant

lamps, without ignoring the cabinets sometimes placed in this space to store tableware. It is also important to assess whether the restaurant is part of the lounge or separate. The idea of

is to decorate the wall with mirrors and tables.

in the first case, we must consider an old-fashioned decoration to maintain a certain continuity between the two spaces in both areas. In the decoration of old-fashioned restaurants, it is very important to know how to place different elements.

is used to decorate variations of the color theme table

. In order to start giving the role of the restaurant, you can place soft colored repair furniture. One of the above mentioned may be accompanied by other decorative details. Especially here, a little asymmetry and compromise make many old-fashioned restaurants different.

soft tone furniture choose

the selected color range will be responsible for unifying the environment and providing you with the harmony and elegance you need. Color is mainly used for important furniture, such as chairs. They can get a good green cake tone.

floral elements in different decorative accessories

with other brown tones, such as wood or some orange accents, will fill the balance of the restaurant. In general, the element selection and retro decoration of restaurants and other areas can reproduce the elements of the 1930s to 1980s.

coordinate different parts of the kitchen

retro spaces should be used in restaurants and other housing areas. Walls should be used. Wallpaper or pink will be the perfect background for other works. They will be a perfect contrast to past photos or photos.

variants of lounge and kitchen open spaces

The furniture curve of the room will be excellent. Especially the room gives us a lot of opportunities. The details of flowers are often selected. Especially if there is a sofa, it can be covered with cloth or cushion of this design.

comfortable light tone bathroom with retro bathtub

, and flower inspired wallpaper can also be lined on the wall. Always maintain the appropriate balance to make the retro space perfect. In the bedroom, we know that the most basic part is the bed. In these cases, there are two basic materials.

white wooden cabinet

the first is a bed with forged iron headboard or aging appearance. We can also choose floral details. Otherwise, other geometric patterns may be useful for pillows and other things.

wooden furniture and floral accents

the bedroom is full of this special retro flavor, if a suitable table is also used. The bedside table will obviously suit this style. It is basically wooden, with modeling and elegant cake color.

combination furniture and old-fashioned frame

if we have time, we can even customize one. It can be some old suitcases or a similar lamp. These two works complement each other in a delicate way. We will bring the abandoned items back to life.

bathtub with warm and comfortable bathroom legs

finish the room style, preferably wardrobe. A necessary part to ensure order and store everything required. As you think, it should be an old-fashioned style and appearance.

bedroom uses light colored textiles. Choosing

will also make the whole retro image harmonious with textiles. In this case, we must go beyond blankets or sheets and consider the possible impact of carpets or cushions. The choice of each room should be seen as a way to coordinate the whole retro room.

selected bedside table, with retro style

flowers, whether in the bathroom or kitchen. In particular, the old bathroom is often a charming luxury space. Every element of it must conform to this style. Starting from the stale furniture, we believe that this effect is retro.

bathroom design variant, wallpaper wall

is the same as other areas of the house. Attention should also be paid to the wall here. Old posters or wooden frames are some of the perfect choices. Similarly, a bathtub with legs can also become the protagonist of the old bathroom.

retro children’s room kit

can be placed around other components that conform to the retro space. They can be vases looking for natural air or mirrors on the wall. Most importantly, mirrors are essential.

similar color effects on walls and floors

we just need to pay attention to your design. An aging wooden frame may be great. Some bathroom designs include lanterns to make it look comfortable and retro. Marble can be used as a variant of wallpaper.

compare the material properties of elements

in different periodsIt also applies to floors. Similarly, in a spacious bathroom, you can put an old-fashioned furniture, such as a chair or an old-fashioned armchair. They are one of the options to make the old bathroom attractive.

applies to the red details of

furniture and accessories. For the furniture and walls we mentioned, the tone should be soft. To make the bathroom look lively, they can be cakes with some patterns to make them look interesting.

recycled shelves and packaging decoration

wallpaper can be perfectly combined with the paint on any wall. Each wall has its own style. Similarly, you can choose a wall for wallpaper. Match other paintings with paintings of the same color.

creative wall decoration uses

plates. This color combination between walls, furniture and accessories will depend on the harmony of the bathroom. The same applies to bedrooms, kitchens or retro living rooms. In general, retro space is always a challenge to imagination.

retro design bathroom wallpaper application

with the appropriate balanced dose, we can provide personalized touch for any of your accommodations. Textiles and furniture will always dominate. Don’t ignore special details, such as the use of carpets.

bed, equipped with ideal forging head, is suitable for these spaces

, including a large number of elements from different times. We will create a magical personal atmosphere. Everything looks harmonious, but the difference is the uniqueness of each space.

children’s room uses soft colored textiles

as the bottom picture of this bath, full of good taste and color balance. It handles accessories such as paintings and mirrors very well. Most importantly, the frame is perfectly combined with this beautiful white swimsuit.

apply mirrors and paintings to bathroom walls

combine with furniture painted in the same color. The room with floral details is another fascinating design. The highlight of pink tone gives you a fresh and pleasant air. Two details can’t be missed in the bedroom. The combination of

wallpaper and pink paint

the whole combination is supplemented by the creative design of its walls. The perfect combination of wallpaper and painting. Elegant details such as picture frames on the bedside wall are not excluded. Finally, small details constitute the grandeur of the retro atmosphere.

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