Save bicycles, original and interesting ideas

recently, we see that more and more people own bicycles and they are also replacing cars with this means of transportation. In addition, in Europe and the United States, some cities prohibit driving and people are forced to ride bicycles. But like all means of transportation, bicycles must be stopped and saved. Therefore, in the city, we see more and more places have a special area where people can put their bicycles. On the contrary, it is more difficult to save our bicycles without taking up too much space in our homes and apartments. That’s why in this article, we will focus on bicycle protectors and give you some ideas that you can use to get space.

saves bicycles for apartments, indoor and outdoor.

when we live in apartments or apartments, the problem of saving bicycles becomes more serious because we have less and less space available. However, in homes and villas, this problem also exists, but in a more gentle way, because we can always put bicycles in the garage or garden. The

method is to hang bicycles in apartments so that they don’t take up too much space For people living in apartments and apartments, we will provide them with very original ideas, including pendants, hooks and bicycle suspension brackets. These solutions can be applied to roofs or interior walls. Some brackets are designed with compartments so that you can place helmets, padlocks, chains, etc.

wooden bicycle Pendant with a small helmet box

. In addition, you can find very interesting designs in these brackets, Like the bracket design in the above photo, there is a birdhouse in which you can put your helmet.

is a kind of bicycle pendant. It has a space to place the metal pipe

. Therefore, there is not much available space or special room for storing bicycles. The support can be wooden and can have a gap consistent with the width of the whole support. You must put the metal pipe of the bicycle in that hole. In addition, this type of support can also be made at home. You just need to be careful about the type of material you want to use so that the support won’t break.

bicycle hooks hang bicycles through roof wheels

on the other hand, a good idea to save bicycles is to hang bicycle hooks. These hooks can be placed on the wall or ceiling, depending on where you want your bike to be. If you’re looking for ideas, a roof bike pendant is a good choice. In addition, near the pendant, you can put some clothes hangers to hang your helmet.

coupler is specially designed for the roof.

bicycle guardrail with hook can also be placed on the roof, but we can let the bicycle hang vertically. This kind of hook is used to hang the bicycle on the wheel.

bicycle hooks specially designed for walls

hooks can also be placed on walls. Usually, when the hook has a curved area, it is used to hang the bicycle on the wall. However, when we miss the curve, but a string appears, for example, the hook is designed for the roof. The hook on the wall must also be used, hanging wheel.

means a bracket with a compartment for placing the helmet

“On the other hand, if you want to hang your bike on the floor, we suggest you choose a bracket combined with the inside, because it will immediately become a decorative detail. The same thing will happen outside. Don’t forget that everything built in or outside has a function. It also has strong decorative power.

original bracket of suspended bicycle

is used to hang the bicycle, especially when you have many bicycles at home, you can choose the bracket placed on the ceiling. However, here, the method of hooking the bicycle is a little difficult to complete with the steering wheel and seat. This is achieved by putting the rope on the ground. After hanging the hook, pull the rope to lift the bike to the ceiling, and then the rope is hung on the wall.

a kind of furniture with vertical compartments for storing bicycles

another very original bicycle storage option is furniture with vertical compartments in which bicycles are placed.

very original bicycle inner and outer suspension bracket

the bracket that suspends the bicycle in the vehicle in the form of hanger

a lifting bracket used to hang the bicycle on your floor

a triangular wooden support for hanging bicycles

a bicycle warehouse is used for your outdoor

a garden in which you can store bicycles

a cabinet for storing bicycles, with two side doors and an upward

a narrow cabinet for storing bicycles An outdoor bicycle

is a very original wardrobe, which is used to store some hooks of the bicycle

. You must put them on the roof in order to hang the bicycle on the wheels.

is a very original and interesting hanger on which you can hang them Your

the bike hanging on the wall takes up less space than the bike on the floor

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