Shabby and chic style – 50 interiors can inspire you

everyone likes a comfortable home, which is the main reason why shabby chic style is so popular. It is famous for its relaxed appearance and interesting aesthetics. It is loved by college students and young professionals because of its easy budget. Here, we show you some basic elements that can help you recreate this style in your apartment or rental apartment. The interior design style of

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are the core values of this aesthetics. When you create a dilapidated and chic room, the first thing you should remember is color composition. This style likes a clean and soft palette, similar to picturesque country villas and beach villas. Soft tones with only one or two shadows from white will be your best friend.

beautiful living room and dining room, dilapidated and chic

very bright blue, rose and lavender create a sweet feeling. For the beach environment, match light blue with subtle yellow and gray gauze sand. Shabby chic is forged with small details and decorative decorations. It uses romantic prints and fabrics, usually with floral patterns.

retro style living room

try to add women’s touch with lace, because these may be the core of the old and chic style and inject retro touch into the room. Gauze can also play a role of telepresence, especially in window treatment.

lounge is designed with retro furniture

, and rose patterns usually evoke the image woven by grandma on the rocking chair. In these designs, they bring a very unique charm. Other flowers also help create an intimate appearance.

white decoration

you can find some simple things, such as an old wooden saddle, from a bold barn door to a wonderful headdress. Forged iron is simple and highly decorative, often molded in the form of very feminine circles and watermarks.

beautiful living room dilapidated and chic

country style tables are also favored by dilapidated and chic styles, reminiscent of healthy breakfast in French countryside. If you really want to immerse yourself in the fashionable Sahara desert, Next time you visit the trail, find some handmade fabrics.

original decoration worn and chic pastel

adding iron and wood is a good way to achieve the desired appearance, using old forged steel combined with severely worn wood.

shabby and chic restaurant or kitchen

these two retro materials are very easy to integrate into a shabby and chic room. Waste wood may be the most easily integrated element. For a room, you can try to find a wrought iron bedstead.

dilapidated and chic living room with old suitcase

, You can put iron things in an old-fashioned trolley bar, or you can simply decorate an old door against the wall. Elegant style regrettable elegance regrettable antiques have little sense of modernity, even so, nodding past can be seen everywhere.

design shabby and chic flower print

it is essential to find great ancient objectsA great environment, shabby and chic and contrary to common sense, worn elements look better. Paint chips, scratches and cracks are all popular.

bedroom design is shabby and chic

look for damaged or seemingly damaged furniture. The key is to choose elements that are worn but not dirty. For example, an old carpet that is a little worn or darkened is good, but an old carpet with some mysterious spots, No.

beautiful bedroom, white sheets

worn and chic style is especially good for DIY lovers and craft lovers. Isn’t he a master craftsman? never mind! “KD SPE” has the unique appearance of “old SPS” and “broken white tablecloth” on the “KD SPE”, which will increase the unique charm of the “old SPS tablecloth” and “KD SPE” in the bedroom. Don’t hesitate to add different combinations to your design play patterns and textures.

beautiful old and chic decoration

if you want to know how to use these items at different times, you should know that the easiest way is through color coordination.

the original room is dilapidated and chic

half the fun of this process is to find beautiful things to put in your dilapidated and chic room, So, please don’t hesitate to start your design work at a moment’s moment before you start your design work.

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