Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys


Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys 01
In summer, shorts are one of the most popular styles for men. I believe that many men will prepare a few comfortable and fashionable shorts every summer. However, I wear it every year, so how can I wear it new and trendy is a problem that everyone pays attention to.

This summer, the wide version of shorts has become a trend. Major brands, styles, and fashionistas will choose this style. And in the matching, you can also find that a pair of long socks is a must-have for styling, and when paired with shorts, it shows the charm of personality and trend.

Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys 02

The shape of shorts and stockings has already existed, but it has returned to the current trend. Once such a match was more used in sports styles, but nowadays, no matter what style of shorts you can choose to match with a pair of large stockings, the shape is very attractive.

So if you want to make your shorts look more attractive this summer, then a pair of stockings is indispensable. Wearing such a combination can easily become a bright spot on the street.

Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys 03

It is the combination of shorts and stockings that can show a diversified fashion charm. It provides us with more choices. The combination of shorts, socks, shoes and tops will affect the overall style trend. When matching, we must consider the integrity of the shape.

Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys

1. The matching choice of shorts, socks and shoes

A good combination of these items will make the style more fashionable and show the charm of the matching style itself. Of course, when catching up with the trend, you must not forget your body shape and style needs. After all, if you are too blind when matching, The effect of styling will be twice the result with half the effort.

Shorts themselves are a kind of single product, which will be presented through changes in different layout designs, the use of fabrics, and the characteristics of styles. Therefore, the styles are different, and the styles are changeable.

① Cargo shorts are a must

Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys 04

In the current fashion circle dominated by tooling style, a pair of tooling shorts is a must-have in summer. It can make the style easy and fashionable, and the style design of tooling style shorts is very rich in itself, which can also avoid the monotony of the style. Among them, the styles with tooling patch pockets are very popular, and the shapes created are versatile and fashionable.

② The Large version highlights the personality

Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys 05

In recent quarters, this wide over-the-knee shorts has become a trend. It is very popular in the City Boy style and is very popular with young fashion icons.

Compared with other styles, the loose-knee effect will appear more casual and individual, and can show the charm of literary fashion. If you feel that the conventional version of shorts is not challenging enough, then you can boldly try this one.

③ Sport shorts are still a popular choice

Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys 06

In terms of comfort alone, sports shorts are naturally the best choice. Of course, sports shorts are also part of the trend, especially when they need to be used with large stockings. The style of sports trends is very prominent. Usually, they are mostly casual partners. Then these shorts are very suitable.

2. The choice of socks and shoes

The choice of socks should also be based on length, color and style. Generally, classic black and white are the mainstream of the moment. When you need to choose bright colors, you must combine the overall tone. In this process, the characteristics of shoes cannot be ignored.

① How to deal with the length of socks

Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys 07

The length of the socks should not be too short. The length close to the calf is better, or the length of the socks is about 12-15 cm, so that the overall visual effect will be more comfortable.

② Socks and shoes are in harmony

Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys 08

The color or style of the socks should follow the shoes to keep the style consistent, so that the integrity of the shape will be more outstanding. For example, shoes are mainly black and paired with a pair of black shorts. At this time, the color of the socks must be considered. Black or a color that echoes the shirt is a perfect choice.

Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys 09

When the shoes are white, then the big white socks are the best choice. The two work well together, and can be matched with various styles of shorts. Of course, the socks can also be added with some logos, patterns, and contrast colors. Coordinate with the overall tone, then the shape will be more perfect.

③ Long socks are also good with leather shoes

Generally, long socks with sneakers looks good, but when pairing with leather shoes, you must pay more attention to the overall effect. Only when the overall shape is handled properly, there will be no sense of violation.

Leather shoes with white socks

Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys 10

Maybe many partners still stay in the traditional matching mode, and think that leather shoes and white socks are very strange, but in fact, it is very fashionable to deal with it well. Especially when used with wide shorts, City Boy’s style is very prominent, which is also a very popular fashion style.

Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys 11

When paired with low-top leather boots, the color and texture of the socks are well coordinated, making the shape more rich and overall, and easily creating a literary and fashionable style.

3. The matching of shorts and stockings

Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys 12

The combination of different styles of shorts, socks and shoes will also have a big difference in style, so it is best to choose what suits you when matching.

The classic black and white tones are very simple and atmospheric. This combination is very versatile. A pair of black shorts and a white T-shirt and sneakers have a good overall shape.

Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys 13

The workload shorts of camouflage color already enough bright eye, the skateboard shoe that tie-in a pair of low help and large white socks, guaranteed the joker sex of modelling, and the workload shirt that the upper body chooses a cowboy fabric, modelling appears very distinctive.

Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys 14

Beige sports shorts and loose black, white and gray striped T-shirts are full of youthful fashion. The German training shoes and socks under the feet are perfectly matched, and the overall leisure is casual.

Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys 15

Khaki shorts and blue and white striped shirts look literary and fashionable. At this time, choose white canvas shoes and socks to make the look more youthful and younger, and have a strong casual fashion style.

Shorts With Long Socks Outfits For Guys 16

Workwear shorts are paired with sports T-shirts and sneakers, plus a pair of big white socks, the charm of styling sports trends is obvious, and this combination is suitable for all body types.


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