Small house design – innovative concept

small floor design has become very fashionable, because people can create a very modern space with a smaller size. However, at the same time, small interior decoration is not an easy thing, because space is more scarce. The small floor designed by

creates space

. That’s why I want to introduce you to some innovative ideas. With these ideas, you can create an orderly and complex atmosphere, full of fashion and modernity, without limiting your creativity.

living room and kitchen have a very important thing in a

. We need to remember the decoration of small apartments: there is no partition wall between most living rooms and kitchens, that is, they are connected together. We must pay attention to this fact, because it will help our elections.

Brown spaces with green details and light

colors are always helpful. In this photo, the range of colors is the same. They match the tones of brown and green, emitting a warm and comfortable feeling, very elegant. The light coming in from the big window makes the environment more exquisite.

the tone of our furniture

if our living room and kitchen are connected, we can choose furniture with the same tone, so as to create the illusion of a larger room. Another option is to choose contrasting colors to make the small apartment more dynamic.

how to make full use of space

how to decorate the small living room? In the neatness and decoration of any room, the trick is to make full use of space. Therefore, the size of furniture can be slightly smaller, and we can make use of the remaining space between furniture or between furniture and walls.

let’s decorate the free space

. Here, you can see that the space has been fully utilized by a table placed between two sofas, with a flower and a lamp on it, Conversely, the interior design of the decorative small floor.

replaces the partition

, so in practice, the design of the kitchen depends largely on the design of the living room, in which there may be a bar connecting it. In this photo, we can see that the living room and bedroom are part of the same room.

plus yodezeen ë

there is no wall space. We can also see small design floors, living room, kitchen and bedroom together. In fact, it’s a good idea to have no partition wall, because the small room suddenly becomes spacious.

bathroom shape

for a small bathroom, we can have everything: sink, toilet and bathtub without worrying about space. Everything depends on the order and form we give things. For example, in this picture, the shape of the bathtub has attracted people’s attention, which gives us more free space.

order of bathroom furniture

in this photo, we see a modern small bathroom. The order of the furniture is clear at a glance, as if everything is well arranged. The shape of the washbasin is conducive to creativity and gives people a complex feeling.

home decoration

plants and flowers have always been a good way to decorate our room. In this photo, the flowers in the bathroom are combined with the color of the towel and the tone of the wall.How many of you choose to put flowers in the bathroom?


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