Small house: house design with terrace and swimming pool

today, we will show you another idea of a small house lover, but the design is spectacular. The house was designed by Morrison dearworth in Dallas, Texas. This is a small white house inside and outside, which leads to a closed courtyard through a large sliding glass door, thus establishing a connection between the interior and a small terrace with modern swimming pool and furniture.

small house design options

in this house, you can only live in a family who likes private time, because Di Luce’s house is designed for private time shared by family or friends. The exterior of dilus’s house is a hard structure with a large slate wall made of Roman travertine, and the design of the facade is also moving to preserve the large oak trees on the site.

small selection of the garden behind the house

there are concrete floors and white walls inside the house without decoration, separating the walls from the floor. The fragile white interior is designed as a gallery to display the owner’s art collection. The dining room and Piano area are located in the most sercana part of the lobby, next to the kitchen and living room, leading to the courtyard where we found the small swimming pool.

luxury bathroom is located in the small house

, with white theme, The kitchen has painted white furniture and white marble countertops. Behind the interior wall of the piano area is the master bedroom, which is the first space in the corner of the kitchen leading to the courtyard. The master bedroom has two doors with bathroom, and there is a wall TV between the doors on one side of the bedroom.

kitchen adopts minimalist design

living room design

living room is sold to small terrace

very beautiful small terrace

the whole house is in the scheme of

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