Small living room: 25 ideas that impress you

in our article today, we have prepared some ideas of modern design for you. For example, a small restaurant may have its seat capacity limit, but if properly designed and decorated, the room may look larger than it really is. In our pictures today, you will see how designers use space to create a proud room.

small living room restaurant is very beautiful

and then entertain guests easily. Small living rooms and dining rooms usually need sofas, small tables and chairs. A long table and chair or a small round table will make your restaurant look bigger. If you have a small room that can be used as both a restaurant and a lounge, don’t mix it with furniture, you’ll get an exaggerated effect to close the atmosphere.

small living room with white walls

that’s why we need to look for these photos and see how they match with small furniture, but these originally designed small spaces have become beautiful living rooms and sometimes even shared spaces with kitchens. In order to use a small living room in the best way, it is essential to choose functional furniture without ignoring style and design. It is best to use light colors on walls and furniture.

restaurant is very small, comfortable

if you like modern style, you have many choices: different shades of gray and beige, but there is always a little eye-catching modern color. Bold colors will make your space full of vitality and personality. Don’t forget to decorate the candlestick with soft candlelight, you will create a wonderful atmosphere.

small restaurant designed by Piotr Furman

if you want a small restaurant design that allows you to enjoy a harmonious combination of beauty and comfort, please continue reading. In order to organically combine the kitchen, dining room, living room and other two or three rooms, the designer insists on free design, What we mean is that they separate areas, but at the same time maintain a common space.

long and narrow living room

if you have a room, you should put the living room and dining room together, and the space is very small, you’d better forget to set the level. If the floor is single-layer, this will help connect all functional areas. For the floor, if the kitchen is also playing a role, we suggest you choose moisture-proof multifunctional materials.

restaurant black and white

flooring you can use waterproof laminate or granite, or you can choose wood imitation flooring. This real material has been very modern in recent years, but it can also cover your parquet flooring, Stones and other materials.

columns and walls decorate the wood of the modern small living room

please note that when connecting the space, we must use the least furniture, and we must forget the confusion and a large number of objects. Don’t forget that in this room, you can not only relax, but also receive guests.

classic style living room restaurant

the design of the small living room restaurant includes the use of unique color combinations. Combinations of different materials are also important because they must complement each other rather than create inconsistencies. For small spaces, light colors are a good idea.

modern restaurant wooden table


it is important to remember that different areas need not be too separated. The designer’s task is to obtain a design in which each component has its own visually independent area, but it is a part of the whole.

living room and kitchen in a narrow space

there are many skills to intuitively divide the environment into functional areas. The simplest way to achieve the desired effect is that with the help of furniture, you can use sand hair, tables, tables with open shelves, etc.

luxury furniture for modern restaurants

if the ceiling is high enough, you can create a gypsum ceiling design in the dining room and flatten or invert the living room. In general, this technology helps to highlight the dining room or living room.

Nordic style small restaurant

if your ceiling is very low, you can use color combinations or use different ceiling materials. But don’t forget that you must eventually follow a single style direction.

modern indoor blank

“In the design of the dining room, textiles are rarely used in combination with the living room, let alone separating the two spaces. However, with the help of curtains, you can separate the spaces without further repair. Considering the design of the living room and dining room of the small apartment, don’t forget to use ilu. Mining area.

very small apartment

can easily achieve the expected effect with correct lighting design. If your ceiling is low, you can use extended decorative elements, such as high chairs or desk lamps. It is important to choose dining room furniture suitable for the style of living room furniture.

is a design with wood as the main material.

a large sofa can divide the space. In general, large furniture is ideal for creating partitions. With upholstered furniture, you can use dark fabrics in the dining room and light fabrics in the living room to create contrast.

classic style design

if the room is too small, You can put a big sofa behind the table. This solution combines the functional space of eating and rest. The combination of living room and dining room is the perfect solution for a large family. Now let’s show you these photos and realize that narrow space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy luxury design.



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