Small living room furniture design and decoration to create an elegant space

today we provide you with some original small living room furniture design ideas and decorative space ideas, giving people a sense of spaciousness.

extended space

small room gives us the opportunity to feel more comfortable, because small space is more comfortable.

small living room furniture design and connection

, but it is not easy to accommodate the crowd in a small living room. Our first suggestion is to finally get rid of the sofa. After all, no one wants to sit in the corner. You can choose small seats side by side.

a double sofa and two chairs provide more space than a three person sofa. For example, you can also add many cushions and decorative space. Keep the outline of furniture simple and tight: there are no strong arms or armchairs with high backrests.

design and concept of small furniture in the living room

look for straight side chairs. Chairs without armrests are even better and can be placed side by side. The small living room does not provide clues and the best way to expand functions and styles. For example, if a corner of the living room is empty, I will put a bench or a table.

if your living room has an interesting function, such as crafts or fireplace, please make full use of these decorative elements. He hung an original spider lamp and drew his eyes to the ceiling. Put a striking work of art on the fireplace so that the fireplace can stand out. Or hang elegant curtains on the windows to highlight their shape and size.

it feels bigger when you emphasize the height of a small room. Don’t ignore the wall space under the ceiling, because this is the potential point of decoration attention. Handle the window to this height so that it looks great.

create a set of art or photos to reach the ceiling. Alternatively, place a railing sweep around a room a few inches from the ceiling.

living room small furniture design and decoration style

putting furniture together is a way to build your small living room stage. To create more storage space, place an auxiliary table or a lower sideboard on the back of the sofa to add a surface to the light and where to place drinks.

you can put PUF or mat on the floor under the middle table so that you have additional seats. A bookstore with books and decorations can be an elegant background for a desk or sofa.

usually, the living room is also used as an entrance, home office or restaurant. To seamlessly integrate these other features, keep the common palette similar. Also pay attention to decorative elements, because any decorative contact must be combined with other elements.

entrance carpet is coordinated with the living room carpet. The cushion around the dining table should be combined with the decoration of sofa and sofa cushion. When these areas work as a whole, the space will feel comfortable cohesion.

living room small furniture design is very colorful.

choose lightweight furniture vision. Pay attention to the visual weight of furniture, not just their actual size. Light colored furniture or components with legs appear to be lighter than dark or square upholstered components.

use colorEverywhere. Using a neutral palette in a small living room is one of the best ways to make the space look more spacious. When a small living room shares space with a family restaurant, it may feel smaller. In a narrow living room, all the furniture is very important. Choose thinner tables and wall hangings to save much-needed floor space. For seats, narrow sofas and chairs are their friends.

is a creative limited space that challenges you to go beyond the traditional way of thinking. When it comes to seats, built-in benches are a good idea because they are efficient and maximize conversation space and storage space. If the room is narrow but long, we recommend that you place a sofa back-to-back so that there are two seating areas.

have several different light sources at different heights, which will attract the attention of different areas of the room and make it feel bigger and more interesting. This is a good skill. We also recommend that you pay more attention to works of art or built-in bookshelves or mirrors, as shown here.

in the small living room, we rarely have enough space for a large bookshelf, but if your books are not arranged well, they may look bad. In addition, avoid this problem by stacking books vertically in one corner of the room, It will add some space on the shelf to put more decorative elements.

when we live in a small space, we must be very practical and realistic. Do you really eat at the table? Think about your living habits so that you can make more effective use of each room. If your apartment is small, each space should have its own personality. Start with a specific color scheme so that when you move from one room to another, each space will be distinguished, from walls to decoration.

buy furniture of the right size. This is where the designer’s experience is really useful. Buy furniture suitable for small spaces. This requires a lot of planning, measuring space and furniture, and then thinking and understanding how to create the best flow in the room. They invest in parts with multiple functions to save space. Now let’s take a look at the photos of our living room small furniture design and the idea of decorative space, which gives people a spacious feeling.

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