Space saving furniture in a house in Paris

designed a house on the outskirts of Paris, showing the model we will show in these photos, which has furniture to save space. They are mainly bookcases and bookshelves. They are placed on the stairs in the form of railings. They can also be placed as furniture separating two rooms. They can also be combined with other elements to create modern interior decoration.

furniture houses designed to save space

these interior designs were designed by French architect Andrea Mosca. His works are also called family bookshelves because there are many furniture and bookcases in them. The architect’s project is to transform the dark and cold interior of the house into a warm and comfortable place to invite a happy life.

space saving Book furniture

the bookshelves you see everywhere are space saving furniture used by architects in the project, and mirrors and glass doors are added indoors to make the garden brighter and open Inside. Many modern interior designs are created in this way, because glass is a material that increases elegance and modernity.

designs an interior design with book furniture to save space.

in the interior design of a room, furniture saves space, and more specifically, bookshelves are used as stair handrails, As a partition between some rooms, or as an extension of some walls. In the photo above, you can see that the design is used. There is a bookshelf on one side of the door and a mirror on the other side. In this way, the architect increased the image of the bookshelf and made the interior correspond to the name of the family bookshelf.

is a space-saving Book partition furniture.

this mirror decoration technology has a dual effect Function: on the one hand, mirrors themselves have strong decorative power. On the other hand, they increase the internal image or main motivation. In the photo above, you can see that the bookshelf is used as a partition wall. In this way, you save space because you don’t have to consider additional furniture to store and place your books.

a house in Paris with space saving furniture.

you can also see mirrors on the four sides of the column. In this way, when you are in the kitchen, the image on the shelf will also appear in the mirror.

is the kitchen design of a house in Paris,

, and the kitchen design is combined with the shelf design. The wood used to make furniture is the same color and texture as the furniture to save space.

kitchen furniture helps to save indoor space

in this photo, you can see the effect of mirrors and shelves changing from the perspective of the kitchen. Therefore, the mirror also allows light to be reflected on the mirror and increases the brightness of the interior.

sliding doors with glass are used to save space and improve interior design

blue cabinets for interior design

series, there are pink cabinets in the room, and the walls are light pink

plan of Paris house with garage

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