Spectacular interior decoration design

when we talk about interior decoration, we do it according to the needs and tastes of each residential owner. A family of young mothers and teenage daughters makes us imagine a modern and vibrant interior decoration; Don’t miss visiting this amazing apartment designed by allarts design.

interior decoration design apartment is located in Perm

in Russia. This apartment is located in a new residential complex on the 16th floor of the center of perm town in Russia. The total area is 120 square meters. The whole space includes a living room with kitchen and dining room and an adult bedroom, A youth room and a bathroom.

restaurant is beautifully designed with modern gas fireplaces

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. At the request of customers, the living room is equipped with biofuel fireplace and large screen TV. Therefore, a false volume partially suspended in the air is designed.

the living area design featuring red sofa and vertical garden

is dynamically supported in the central structure comparison of multi task combination. The main focus is the central fireplace because it has a hanging work Island, a refrigerator and two TVs.


are the original modern fireplace design. The fireplace is decorated with dark red paint


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. The designer must use a metal structure larger than the fireplace.

modern living room design, kitchen and dining room space

results in a well ventilated living room, although the fireplace design weighs more than 150 kg. On the left side of the kitchen is a place to rest and read. A natural touch erupts in an extraordinary way; A magnificent Vertical Garden brings vitality and green to this corner.

original modern living room design, red furniture

main and guest halls are divided into four areas; Kitchen, dining room, dining area and living room.

great white minimalist kitchen furniture and red dashboard

the owner also wants a large kitchen with storage units for a large number of tableware.

modern bathroom design, using the original mosaic tile combination

. The bathroom is located in the island area. Cabinet door handles and other metal items add a lot of luster to the space.

the modern bathroom design adopts three kinds of decorative tiles: marble, wood and red paint

the walls of the bathroom are finished with birch and the same red paint used indoors.

original entrance hall wall decoration design

from the entrance, we can immerse ourselves in a style full of vitality and vitality. In the main and guest hall, the senses are activated, and all daily activities can be carried out in a fully functional space;

the master bedroom is equipped with beautiful white feather chandeliers

, while the guest room is equipped with interior decoration based on cold colors to ensure a more peaceful sleep.

wall decoration wallpaper with modern relief

. The master bedroom is in bright colors without a separate wardrobe. whole

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