Stair library, intelligent design

when we have stairs at home, there is always an empty space under the stairs. We often don’t know what to do and don’t want to innovate. I will introduce a series of ideas on how to build library stairs to those who love reading.

staircase Library – the world below

as I have said, we can use this space in traditional ways, such as a small wardrobe, but we can also put several shelves where we can organize our things and complete this space, If we take a chair. In this photo, the bed adds more style to the book corner.

makes us occupy empty space in smaller houses. The

makes us very angry because we have such an unavailable space. The solution may be to provide indoor stairs for narrow spaces and a typical furniture for books, but it is specially designed for these purposes. In this way, our affairs will be in order. Where are our feet?

another very interesting idea is to turn things upside down, that is, we can put a furniture occupying the whole wall first, and then put a ladder next to it, Put a sofa under her to fill our space.

a tunnel full of titles

. The feeling of climbing up along the book tunnel is very attractive: when you climb up, you will stop to read the titles of the books around you. In this picture, the spacious space shows that it is a bookstore, but it is also a worthwhile idea for families.

shape makes it have the style of

. If we want to have primitive and elegant stairs, we can choose them with an atypical shape and fill the gap with armchair or sofa. If the book is placed on a furniture up to the second floor, it will achieve a new effect, It seems that the stairs are designed for this style.

always go up

, when you see the stairs reach the second floor and continue to the third floor. The second floor is an ordinary apartment, just like any house with rooms, but the innovation lies in the third floor, which may be a place for work or study. We can take books there.

first is the comfortable

if we don’t know where to put the furniture and books, we can also put them next to the ladder so that when we climb up, we can get close to them. We can put the sofa and armchair on the other side of the stairs, so that we can have a place to sit down and read.

floating is the best choice for the house with

type staircase. What we can choose is floating. Some beautiful stairs, we can use them to build our library stairs. In addition, we can put the books on the bookshelf together with other furniture, such as those in the kitchen.

the colorful colors make us full of beauty.

we can define our staircase library, with a table and a folding armchair near the books. The furniture style in this photo is different, because the furniture itself is at the bottom, the drawer is there, and at the top, we only have bookshelves.

choose to upload

here is an example of stairs in a small tunnel space. It’s like these stairs mark the route of readers to their destination and reading space.

read the reading between

on the extended shelfBooks can be bought not only in high school libraries or university libraries, but also at home with this kind of furniture with extended bookshelves. These bookshelves are designed for people who are about to read and can sit on bookshelves.


originality. What if we change the horizontal layout of shelves? A new idea is to install a series of vertical thin plates on the walls of the corridor and place smaller horizontal plates at different heights to place books.

dream, surrounded by

books, we can let our library stairs take us to bed directly. The bed will be at the top of the stairs, and at the bottom, we can put a table to become our work or study place.

triangular furniture

furniture for smaller stairs is triangular, and there are several drawers at the bottom of the triangle to store our things, as shown in the figure.

furniture is suitable for all

staircase libraries. It is equipped with mueblo, which is specially designed for books and can be used not only for books. If we don’t have a place to store cups or bottles because they are already our decorations, why not use this space?

climb the elegant ladder

in this photo, the style comes from every element we find in it. The spiral staircase provides the elegance we pursue. The space below is occupied by plasma and small furniture, showing the kind we want.

let’s use the small space

. For those simpler spaces, we can turn the space under the library stairs into a compressed space and put a few books and other things we may need before we leave home.

double staircase

if your house is a little bigger, you can put a double staircase up from both sides and put bookshelves and books on both sides, just like the stairs shown in the photo.

stairs and round furniture Claesson koivisto Rune Ø

feel that the tunnel can be SR created without books in front of us when we climb the stairs. This is achieved through a solid furniture, which creates a feeling that there are no stairs behind it. In this picture, they made this with a semicircular furniture.


why not replace books?

I’m leaving the theme books and staircase library for a while to mention that this free space can be used with wine bottle furniture, especially for wine lovers and collectors.

furniture series

in this photo, we see that one piece of furniture starts long before the beginning of the stairs. When it reaches the stairs, another piece of furniture with stair color starts. This is not visible to the naked eye, because the book covers up the details.

a smart world

the sofa here is an element to fill the gap. The stairs are a new style, and the important thing is the outline of the stairs.

read peacefully and harmoniously

is another spiral ladder, full of books – a place for quiet reading and quiet work.


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