Storage device 42 bookshelf idea

today we have some ideas about storage devices, preferably bookshelves in the living room or restaurant. If you want to use the open shelf in your new living room, this article is perfect because you will find inspiration.

wall storage device

if you like the appearance of the open shelf, but think the classical style is better, we also bring it Glass door. The

storage device matches the and

desktop. Like all design options in our home, there are some advantages and disadvantages to consider when planning a new space. The first thing you must consider is the visit.

reading room design is very interesting

the best thing on the open bookshelf is that it is open. At a glance, you will know where everything is and you will get what you need. There are colorful shelves floating on the walls of


. There is also a fact that when you see all your works, you will be encouraged to use more of your vases or decorative plates and read them often, because they will never leave your sight or mind. The second thing you should consider is the function of your bookshelf or bookstore.

modern design large equipment

in fact, the open bookshelf works normally under any circumstances. Whether you are placing all the parts you use every day For easy access, or you just use them to show your most decorative findings.

modern restaurant is equipped with bookshelves and details

are used for the parts you use every day. You rarely encounter cleaning problems because these parts will not collect dust on the shelves when they are moved from the shelves to the dining table.

industrial design apartment

for items you do not use every day (for example, beautiful wine series or similar items), no matter where they are stored, if they are used only a few times a year, you must always clean them before use.

shelf options have a very dynamic layout.

is a very important thing, which we all think is the budget. One of the most important “advantages” of open shelves is that it greatly reduces the installation cost.

the bright living room is equipped with modern furniture

when you plan a new shelf, please note that using open shelves can save some euros from your budget I can use it for other things.

make the most of the space you have

, but if you are a big fan of the combination of open bookshelves and cabinets, that’s what your home design project is like.

shelf concept of high ceiling restaurant

we also show you the concept of modern furniture design. The living room wall is equipped with open bookshelves in which you can place books, decorations and cabinets to preserve porcelain and furniture Glassware or anything you need. The idea of

storage device is from the white shelf on the floor

even in the modern design living room, if the open shelf is used, it can always include a large number of closed cabinets in case you don’t want to see the basic elements scattered at home.

the very large book storage device

is now to address your concerns about poLVos are stacked on open shelves. One idea that suits you is to add glass doors to your bookshelves.

modern style living room furniture

, so that you have visual interest in seeing your precious collection, but you don’t have to clean up the dust almost every day.

white glass door bookshelf

many of us like reading, but for amateur readers who take good care of each of their books, these are the ideas in the pictures we show you today.

modern living room lighting shelf

creativity, decorate the living room and dining room with original, modern and attractive shelves. One of the things we can find in every house is books.

wooden floor and ceiling shelves and ladders climb to the highest level

after viewing these pictures, you will notice that your location is not in the attic or in the attic box.

lounge and restaurant are located in the same space, with white bookshelves

. As we said at home, there is no shortage of books, whether cooking books or art books, From historical novels, maybe you need to refer to books, because they are related to your career. If you work at home, or your children’s comic books, the books they give us, we don’t know where we want to put them, or even the books that are only used for decoration.

salon provides modern and ready-made designs for

books. We are sure you want everyone to see them, even if you rarely need bookshelves. In addition, as we mentioned earlier, next to your book, you can place any decorative details and accessories you want, such as bowls, candles, cups and vases, Flowers and more.

the idea of using

bookshelves to separate space. On our page, you can find more bookshelf articles in any room and ideas on how to organize them.

storage devices are embedded in the living room wall

today, we pay more attention to the shelves of the living room and dining room, and regard it as a decorative work, which can add attraction to our space.

dark living room with black bookshelves

there are many types of bookshelves, which are suitable for your interior design according to the material, size and style you want. Today, we have modern models of Modern Classics and minimalist styles.

color salon creative bookshelf

the only hint we can give you is to choose the style you choose instead of using bookshelves to place books. The wooden bookshelf in the living room of


, because we are sure that the books in your home do not look very similar, with different colors and sizes, which may lead to confusion if placed improperly.

home office storage device

if you want to display your books in this confusion, you’d better use some large horizontal bookshelves with very typical contemporary design.


bookshelves with a wide range of design concepts can be the same color as walls or other furniture, so that the appearance will not fall directly on books.

lounge is equipped with furniture and wooden shelves

you can also use horizontal shelves, which you can place in any corner of the lounge so that they will not become the focus, but if they are important elementsNTE is in design.

is a wooden structure illuminated by LED light bars.

if you live in an attic or a living room with a very high ceiling and you like reading, you can also choose to add custom bookshelves from floor to ceiling.

living room has spectacular design and rich decorative details.

if your home design is bold and lively, you can paint your wooden bookshelf into different colors and play with various shapes.

modern home design solution for each room

if you like DIY and stimulate your imagination, we believe you will create a very beautiful bookshelf for your books.

very complex wall unit

of course, for those who don’t like or just don’t like this, some original shelves with very attractive designs have been shipped from the factory.

is a metal structure fixed on the oak shelf.

are now sold in the whole market. They are very flexible and can meet any needs of customers, so we believe you will find what you want. It depends on your budget. The more abnormal, the more expensive, and how much you like innovation.

completely independent system concept is applicable to all design styles

. Now we leave you with our very attractive storage device concept, which has the original design to inspire you.

shelves with dynamic and attractive effects

shelves with very primitive aesthetic design

shelf options, salones

dark salon for classic design, with design Industrial

luxury space options

black steel bookshelf with simple design

salon small bookshelf

salon designed by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architect

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