Studio and penthouse apartment with timeless decoration

these three studies are the definitions of families that are valuable to every urban citizen. These indoor studios are elegant and pleasant, maintaining beauty without sacrificing comfort and fashion. Please note how designers decorate these studios with different elements and create cohesive and eternal space.

studio design and modern loft apartment

this is the first apartment in the studio series. We want to show you a truly vibrant gem overlooking Kiev, Ukraine. The interior design of

is designed by Emil de Vish

the striking colors that explode against a monochrome background look impressive and dominate the house.

furniture itself is very simple. It is this combination that makes individual parts look very special. From elegant and modern to comfortable and colorful, combined works. The green chair brings a subtle hint of green on the modeling carpet. A simple and elegant grey coffee table stands out in the design.

the open windows let a lot of natural light illuminate the whole room, making the vision a framed work of art.

blue thick curtains are a vibrant feature of the room, making everything vibrant. The kitchen provides a solid foundation for curtains and is a discrete design element. Tropical plant leaves in vases also have dramatic effects. You can buy Artificial leaves that mimic the same effect.

here, we can see the original view of the apartment design. At first glance, this combination can be shocking and overwhelming.

in this picture, we can see the view of the implementation. As you can see, the similarity is great; Creating a design that doesn’t require much change requires real talent.

the design of the bedroom will not conflict with the rest of the apartment. On the contrary, it is like a small bubble, reflecting the other design of the house. IKEA’s “frosta” stool acts as a comfortable side bedside table in this minimalist bedroom.

chrome plated facilities and lush green plants prevent the bathroom from looking too white. The mirror increases in size to reflect the real accent; The roof of the green forest.

corridors are not forgotten, connecting different elements to provide a pleasant preview for those who are about to move into the apartment.

every designer needs a palette that contains the concepts of the desired colors and textures. Here, we can see that all the elements in the apartment are well combined.

interior design is designed by lugerin Igor

. Located in Central Park, this apartment presents an amazing soothing palette and functional design. The floor is warm and relaxing. This apartment is very simple, but it looks charming because it is suitable for the studio apartment in Central Park.

the kitchen island is tiled, which is a simple design feature that increases the depth of the whole room.I cured the tiles and they created an organic environment.

is simple but not boring. The geometric pattern on the floor adds vitality to the graphic design, while the emphasis on color clarifies the overall aesthetics.

bedroom is located behind the light industry door frame with black frame. Your goal is to promote relaxation, and you really did it. Lush indoor plants add a little natural flavor to the urban landscape and a little color to the room.

beds form a subtle contrast with white sheets, and gray sheets form a sharp contrast with white sheets. Geometrically patterned blankets increase the size of the room, and salmon colored Nordic chairs show a pleasant and bright workplace. Lighting adds a subtle industrial style.

bathroom door is made of white mesh material, which is a unique design function. Light blue links the design theme and is a good output of monochrome color scheme.

this bathroom is elegant and practical. The service is state-of-the-art, which means that the owner can only get the best bathroom experience.

interior design is selected by kdva architects

our studio. The third design is this elegant Moscow apartment, which shows a design that seems to have been realized Not much effort. This is a fantastic corner, in the center of Moscow. What else can you ask from a studio? We will see the whole interior below.

the interior of the apartment is elegant, with a monochrome color scheme, which always looks pleasant. The overall image is organic, comfortable and a little industrial.

brown leather is always tasteful. In this case, combined with a contemporary art work, it shows a more complex image.

with bright white floors and black shelves add a unique industrial flavor to this residential building. The area behind the shelves of

has been opened to highlight a perfectly designed wall and add a sense of fashion to the industrial groundwater flow.

kitchen appliances are wisely left empty, which makes the room look bigger and cleaner.

kitchen tables are large enough to accommodate guests, and black accessories complete the design of the room.

rooms are simple in style, but comfortable at the same time. All the different elements are combined to form a noble space.

the bedroom and study use pink pastels to illuminate the color scheme and create a miracle for the overall appearance of the space.

in these images, we can see how unified these spaces are. The interior of the room matches the bathroom in a subtle form, as well as complementary colors and accessories.

bedroom is a relaxed and soft space with magnificent scenery. The space combines a variety of colors to enhance the natural light from the exposed windows.

a study area stops by the bed and uses the space carefully. The head of the bed is folded into a bookshelf to become a kind of multifunctional furniture.

“kd”The design of the SPE

room shows that pink is not reserved for Disney girls and princesses. The color can be used anywhere without overloading or childishness.

apartments are decorated with black elements, and the smallest decoration shows these eye-catching design features.

” glass is a simple way to take a room to a higher level and make it look exquisite and tasteful. The wooden elements in the bathroom make the room look warmer and comfortable.

bathroom is a masterpiece of modern design. Elegant comfort and monochrome color scheme make it a space suitable for all ages.

* Emir de Vish

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