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whether you have experienced the life of studio apartment or just want to see a smart and compact design, you will like the photos below. They will not only inspire your own decoration efforts, but also help you answer a question: what is a studio? Interior design of

studio apartment

studio is an apartment with a large room. In addition to a bathroom, there is a large room instead of a space separated by walls. Living and sleeping spaces are included in the largest “room”.

was originally an indoor apartment loft with white brick houses

although room life is the most common feature of studio apartments, many studios contain some kind of environmental separator, For example, a cleverly placed and built-in middle wall or shelf to provide some privacy and help define the space.

double storey penthouse apartment design

studio apartment provides many benefits, including the use of rent budget, utility bill, and the slogan close to “less is more”. However, those living in studio apartments have to make very strategic decisions about design and storage. Receiving guests can also be a complex task.

original apartment style study design, equipped with Murphy bed

. Although studio apartments have their limitations, they are the perfect solution that does not need too much space. Not to mention that some tasteful people choose this type of apartment to be close to the city center with the highest rent.

beautiful interior design apartment studio

financial feasibility is a good selling point, especially compared with larger units, studio apartments will continue to be a popular choice for singles, Like students and single adults, they seek simplification and accommodation on budget.

original interior decoration loft apartment

as mentioned above, many studio apartments use partition walls and other separation areas, such as the rest of the kitchen and bedroom. A good idea for separating the environment is to use colors and modern shelves, as we can see in the house below: the single wall kitchen is ideal for small houses and apartments, but it can also be used as an auxiliary kitchen for large houses or studios. At first you may think it’s a compromise, but its smaller size puts pipes and equipment in a compact space and puts everything you need on your arm.

loft apartment design with orange bookshelves

built-in open compartment shelves are a popular choice for studio apartments, Because they provide storage space for books and decorations, while increasing privacy:

room design, with independent environmental bookshelves

, many apartments have a lot of kitchen furniture, rather than the kitchen along the room wall. Doors and mirror walls can also add a sense of space because they reflect light and make the room look bigger. Original design of


small house typeNino loft

, not to mention the two-story apartment increases depth and dimension by creating significantly different areas.

double storey studio apartment

when considering how to decorate your studio apartment, it is important to make a practical and elegant choice. Depending on the space, items such as sofa beds and folding beds may be essential.

original decoration of studio apartments

some studio apartments are cleverly designed and have the characteristics of folding Murphy beds and other furniture, And hiding cabinets or storage space in other compact areas, such as the workstation in the apartment provided in these two photos.

modern loft apartment design

this table belongs to a small studio apartment, equipped with ingenious space-saving design. The table includes space under the shelf and in the drawers above it. There is a high power socket so that the printer can be placed there.

modern style loft apartment design

although there is no specific formula in the design of small apartments or rooms, there are some keys to success. As mentioned earlier, use non-traditional hidden storage units to paint the walls bright colors, or add multi-purpose furniture. Add paintings, graphics and flower arrangements to create a comfortable feeling

cool color loft apartment interior design

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original apartment decoration studio type

selected furniture compact multifunctional

original apartment decoration studio type small apartment design Wooden floor

original loft floor decoration design

original loft floor decoration design gray

original loft apartment design simple style

Florence apartment studio interior design

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