Texture and simple atmosphere — home design

this rural design house in Italy has elegant touch from floor to ceiling, including a series of rough textured walls and a retro accent. The rough walls of the living room and kitchen look as warm. With the wooden beams on the ceiling, there is a romantic feeling.

brand house shows an impressive interior, which combines style and texture.

these ingeniously unfinished main space elements are composed of wooden floors and high-quality components, with a smoother appearance. Parquet flooring and leather Chester sofa add an elegant touch to the space.

modern wood white kitchen design, central kitchen island

kitchen presents a contrast between white and wood in a minimalist atmosphere; The central kitchen island has a large area and complete functions, Laminated wood finishes are suitable for country style decoration without the need for the latest technology.

country style kitchen and restaurant design with visible wooden beams

spaces enable us to focus on furniture and Decoration; We find that the elements of solemn style complement modern and industrial surfaces.

created a country style bedroom design. The wooden ceiling and beam can be seen in the bedroom,

. The rough texture of the wall is combined with the country wooden beam again, But in this space, bricks also appeared, which brought great visual interest to the wall of the window.

original modern luxury bathroom design

similarly, the green tiles at the bottom of the staircase and the tiles in a bathroom create a delicate and rich color space. Inside

, rough walls and floors are covered with dark green tiles. The bright tones of

works of art add color explosions in key areas to complete a space that might otherwise look too cold. The original background design of

Bathroom screen with wildlife pattern

each of the three bathrooms is made on impressive wallpaper, similar to bedding. The pattern we see in the above picture shows the pattern of wild animals;

original modern bathroom decoration design

presents a classic theme in this second bathroom wall decoration. Delicate accessories balance the rustic style of the background image, including a stone mixture used to make a modern personal style sink. Please visit our website about KD’s interior decoration and more articles about KD’s interior decoration. We hope you will come back soon.

pictures were taken by Michele notangelo and Andrea Rinaldi, and the information was provided by house carnet.



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