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in general, Japan’s elegant style in the field of design is one of its distinctive places. This can usually be seen in furniture, architecture and interior design.

modern and elegant Japanese design panel

today, we will introduce a plug-in that also originated in this country in a few words. The popular Japanese panel is a booming decorative plug-in. Japanese panels are the perfect choice for those who like avant-garde decorative details.

Japanese panels are small fabrics with flower details when designing

. Generally speaking, these panels are an estor composed of independent panels. Each can be switched and opened in different directions. To allow more light to enter, you can put them on both sides. The Hyundai Japan team reinterpreted Shoji to some extent.

is another new style inspired by the concept of nature. It is suitable for the famous wooden sliding door of bedroom

. It is made of light color and translucent paper. Unlike these doors, Japanese panels offer a range of different textures. When used in any room, opaque and clearer tones can be used. Everything will depend on the position of the panel. Thanks to the simple way the top is done.


have deep colors. The double fabric can prevent light from passing through the


, ,


tracks and achieve perfect overlap. Japanese panels can be from the floor to the ceiling, or from the middle to the outside. However, the first case has reached a higher aesthetic level in the design. Especially by creating a higher sense of height. According to the size, the width of these panels is usually measured between 50 and 60 cm and the height is between 3 meters.

in addition to windows, it has a wide range of uses. We can separate spaces in the house according to our needs.

can even be customized. In this case, the Japanese panel with curved track is perfect. When it comes to Japanese panels, it is impossible not to mention materials. For the interior, the best look is hard fabric, not light fabric.

is a variant of traditional and sliding models, made of transparent wood and rice paper

. Panels that choose lighter fabrics require a lower area bar to increase weight. So they don’t fall and stay upright. Some models, such as variants, include small intermediate rods. A method of intelligent weight distribution in the whole panel structure. They can move in a variety of ways.

is used in a modern minimalist environment. Based on Zen Design and natural appearance,

, it is very convenient for both manual and electric systems. There is a great possibility of finding a panel suitable for our style. There are all kinds of colors and designs. Many combine different color and texture ranges. Use special materials such as wicker and other degraded details or drawings. At the other end are those who have a more calm and elegant image.

sliding panel is used to separate channels leading to different family areas. It has the functions of

. It is used in children’s bedroom and other very interesting and interesting models. In the case of children, all attractive patternsMany of the Japanese panels we show today are dedicated to windows. However, as environment separators, they look perfect. It can be used for multifunctional accommodation. A typical example may be those small apartments with kitchens close to the living room. The interesting effects of

and the panel design of bamboo veneer and the panel design of modern ceiling

will only gain more privacy when someone visits. This way of using the panel is a perfect alternative to the exit of the door. Therefore, they will help us create a more economical decoration. In this case, they always need a side space. The reason is that they must be collected, so the space next to the window is always necessary.

modern special panel, used to decorate different environments, has the style of

. In short, there are many models that can be installed at home. Suitable for any decorative style, completely smooth. As mentioned earlier, fabric panels are one of the most popular customizations and various prints. It usually consists of flax and polyester. The screen model is designed with the fabric of the same name. They have small openings that can adjust the opacity and thus adjust the entry of light.

fabric and wood models are horizontally overlapped on the

panel, and the Japanese panel can also be customized. They come in all kinds of colors. Especially in many neutral tones, it is very suitable for modern environment. Some companies are setting up so-called technical teams. These models are designed with specially treated fabrics. This treatment generally ensures the stiffness and texture required to maintain the verticality of the design.

panel is a common element in any area of the family and room,

is also easy to maintain. There are many choices in printing and color. For any family, every modern panel model is the perfect solution to cover large-scale walls. As we can see in the picture, the window leading to the glass terrace is one of them.

the traditional sliding system model is used for home windows

other large windows in the living room or bedroom space can completely change your aesthetics. If the glass wall allows, several different types can be placed to create greater creativity. As a general maintenance, cleaning is one of the most common methods. It can do this easily, thanks to the straps they are clamped together.

in this case, the goal is undoubtedly to highlight the perfect choice of

accessories. They can be easily removed and reinstalled in just a few minutes. For the environment with minimalist aesthetics, they are ideal and will give you a new home air. They summarized the function and aesthetics of the room. In an economic way, we can have a new space and a modern image. Therefore, it is still a trend to use Japanese panels without hesitation.

the original decoration inside the modern spacious bathroom

your inspiration comes from ancient houses and the way they are currently reinterpreted. All the advantages of it are simple and easy to assemble or disassemble. They are a little different from the traditional curtains or shutters used in many windows.


are applied to the living room space with elegant detailsNatural and high brightness

if we like oriental style decoration, this is a good solution. Although our house has another style, it is a variant that can simply bring an oriental accent. As a different cultural note, its style is our favorite.

is a space overlooking the garden. The open plan facing the restaurant and kitchen area

matches the estor tone of modern restaurant windows.

is a fabric that ensures limited natural light and privacy into the living room

flowers and nature are recurring themes in modern Japanese panels

. In addition to their beauty and style, Japanese panels also need very simple assembly.

is undoubtedly a home office or any space

panels combine two panels of different styles and thicknesses to adjust the lighting.

shows interesting changes in panels of different colors, adding the space

beautifully The panel with white background is the ideal choice for modern small bedroom

no matter what your housing style,

large glass wall is the ideal choice for you to show all your brilliance.

panels The higher design of

covers the whole wall of the living room from floor to ceiling.

combines the colors of accessories and various textiles on the panel.

the idea of the restaurant is to separate different indoor spaces with panels Japanese

patterns share the

pattern on the furniture color and decorative figure panel. It is easy to block some natural light from entering the living room.

pattern Natural fiber simple and elegant restaurant style

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