The coolest interior design – 42 spectacular ideas

if you don’t know the latest trend of interior design, you can’t miss this article, because we have selected 42 contemporary interior space pictures that you will like to start our journey here.

the coolest interior design image

Anton savilev completely changed the concept of crib. A hot-air balloon with a basket instead of a bed is a fairy tale.

original interior design concept from sukha, Amsterdam

if you are looking for creativity, you are lucky. Most children will like a fortress or their own house, with a place to play and hide in the tree. If you don’t think there’s room, Taking the vertical structure as an example, create additional game areas without overloading the room.

furniture stored in color cube

studio Guilherme Torres uses storage in color cube to add dynamic animation. Go to the hall. Colorful walls and rainbow hall furniture, coupled with brightly colored carpets, create an impressive decoration.

original interior design, using laminated wood furniture

some kitchens use artwork in their decorative sockets, which is particularly eye-catching. The combination of rough natural wood texture and smooth concrete cabinet leaves space for a beautiful portrait of a girl.

original modern bathroom interior design, who cares?! Design

who cares?! Inspired by the irregular ice shape, the design creates an “ice bath” design composed of polygonal furniture and pipes. The floating bathroom is made of Corian and equipped with intelligent control system.

original modern style office design with wooden elements

a home office design should first be functional, but can you really resist fresh furniture? No one says I can’t be elegant and fashionable. Reagan Ford fills this traditional office with brand-new industrial metal furniture, which has both practical design and function.

laundry functional corridor with pipes interior design

murals of the same design may not be available anywhere in the world. One of the murals is the interior decoration of zaetta architectural studio. The corridor of Modern Italian houses has an opening connecting the corridor and the laundry on the first floor. Hidden behind a mobile disk with a large mirror, the slope will never destroy the appearance of the corridor, and the mirror visually adds a narrow space.

original modern interior design, equipped with dresser

Sarah lavoine, has found the perfect solution for integrating the dresser into the bedroom. Leaving a small space between the wall and the bed creates a perfect place to store clothes and clothes. The wall separating the dresser bed is cleverly supplemented by a full-size lighting mirror, and there is a similarly illuminated wardrobe next to it for greater comfort.

original black-and-white kitchen design

interior designer James Dawson decided to visually separate the kitchen area into an open design, and the ceiling pattern is abstract geometry, which matches the monochrome color scheme of the whole floor.

original living room design with recess

Sunken living areas have been popular since the 1960s, but today they look completely unexpected and fresh. Architectural studio a69 introduces a soft living room on the platform of a house in the Czech Republic to create a perfect reading space. On both sides of the two bookshelves, reading lights are installed on the platform, and the functional lights replace the natural light of windows the size of walls at night.

original interior staircase design with aquarium and lights

. This impressive interior staircase is equipped with a 2000 litre aquarium and a reflective floor worth $26.5 million. The mansion also has a modern sculpture staircase, which is famous for its sculpture colored crystal lights.

excellent interior design with slides and vertical gardens

stairs are still the most popular elements for the transition from one floor to another. Ki design studio has added a slide connecting the living room and the second floor of jarkov apartment. It is combined with a vertical garden, which reminds us of childhood.

great natural wood king bed

in the sub design building may think that sleep is too important to enjoy in a simple bed. They continue to create a 12 inch wall with a 12 inch bare back, so they continue to create a wall with a 12 inch bare back. More like a base, it’s hard to ignore such a bed because it occupies most of the room. Although the bed is large, it provides an ideal beverage space.

turquoise turquoise youth double room design

widewscy studio architecture is using the color patterns in your project to create a modern, fragile bedroom design. It combines an original white interior with Aquamarine and yellow accents in a small hybrid mode to create an exciting feature wall.

children’s room design the blue and white

walls surround our home, so if you have a fresh design, you will immediately affect the whole room. For example, look at the design of this teenagers’ bedroom. The sharp contrast between white and blue and the 3D wall design extending to the top of the bed give people a sense of future. The original room design of


, together with the puzzle


, ,


, combined with vivid color scheme and functional geometric design, has created a Moscow family entertainment bedroom, which can serve children and adults. The children’s room includes a study area with several tables and bookshelves, as well as a game area with rock climbing walls and TV niches.

original modern interior design very bright

where else can you find such an impressive glazed terrza? In order to transform this loft in San Francisco, Feldman architecture opened up space and created many views facing the sun and the city. With a glass ceiling, this place looks like a potential greenhouse and is a great place to receive and entertain guests.

original gold honeycomb kitchen dashboard design

this beautiful back wall looks very unconventional in the living space. life. The style uses the golden reflection hexagon to bring charm to the modern minimalist kitchen, which is another neutral and simple way.

original modern bed design, built-in LED light

Carola fannini also believes that drowsiness is a very valuable thing and is impossible in a simple room. She shows an interior she designed for a private client of an apartment in Rome. The bed occupies a central position in the modern interior of this luxurious bedroom. It has an interesting partition wall. The header looked dramatic.

original modern kitchen design adopts Island Cement

cold furniture, which can make almost any indoor opaque personality. This super smallest kitchen has at least one thing that makes it so interesting. A huge concrete cooking Island, ignoring the gravity designed by beauconcret.

authentic modern cement island kitchen design

kitchen island designed by koben architects is an integral part and continuation of kitchen design. Lighting and grounding are used with black minimalist kitchen furniture, highlighting the stainless steel splash shield.

ab Rogers’ original contemporary restaurant design

ab Rogers renovated the house in 2009, adding interesting and gorgeous slide accents to the bright living room. In addition to the transition between the two floors, the so-called rainbow house includes the interesting floors of Richard woods, which look very suitable in the bright interior.

is the original design of children’s playroom, which is designed with many toys

roto by Daniel romuardes. It looks like an indoor room in a small city. The designers filled it with toys and hiding places. Entering such a room will certainly let children enter a real world, and their creative imagination is stimulated by exciting bright designs and countless toys. The original laminated floor design of

has the effect of light and shadow. The unusual floor of

looks shiny. Life diesel collaborated with flooring manufacturer Berti to create these illusory designs in elegant black, gray and urban natural brown. Appropriately known as “shadow”, it is characterized by the design of boards, which are specially treated to create an environmental lighting effect.

original modern guest room, equipped with mural headboard

, inspired by the music of Jaz hotel in Amsterdam. The bedroom has lovely murals and soft yellow ambient light on the backlit theme headboard. In sharp contrast to purely practical interior design, murals are regarded as a work of art and an element of interior design.

original blue small bathroom design

small bathrooms and bathrooms are usually regarded as practical spaces without much attention to design and decoration. Naturehumane provides a fresh and simple way to decorate small bathrooms or bathrooms. Choose a bright but not dazzling color you really like and fill the space with it.

Lenny Kravitz’s excellent interior design

in addition to being an influential artist, Lenny Kravitz also has a real design talent. His works include decorative paint, door accessories and a range of modern furniture. However, we have an artist’s indoor rehearsal room designed for the architecture of Kent, New York. This is a pure dream of any status and ability of a musician.

art works of decoration and interior design

the living room of this modern house is emptyjust so so. He uses an abstract work to set the color scheme of furniture, which in turn is too extravagant to be ignored. They skillfully combine decoration, pattern and color, invite guests to entertainment and constantly talk about art.

modern terrace design, with fireplace

Ukrainian room design is the work of soesthetic group, which is completely opposite to the previous design. This sleepy room in Kiev has a relaxed atmosphere, consisting of a square room, a pile of natural wood and a low bed. Using niches, designers keep decoration to a minimum because they do not want to submerge small areas dedicated to the sole purpose; Rest. The original terrace design of

Patterson associates overlooks

Patterson associates uses the coastline of New Zealand to create this picturesque and comfortable courtyard for private vacation. The concrete roof is partially hidden between glass and stone walls and has a fireplace that seems suitable for a cool night.

great modern bathroom design

original modern living room dining room design

original living room design

original modern living room furniture design

original modern bedroom design, library with bookshelves

original room decorated with retro accent

modern kitchen design

original kitchen design

excellent interior design with colored floors

modern rooms with large wardrobe

modern apartment loft

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