The idea on the wall is full of surprises, designed by pulltab.

many times, when you want to make some space in the room, you will use a variety of solutions. One solution may be to make the best use of walls. This is what we see in today’s picture. Wall design concept and a creative display pull design. As you can see, there is no big space limit. Although these surprises hidden on the wall create an attractive modern space. The idea of

wall wins space

this apartment is designed for a family of four in New York. The use concept and overall design of the wall hide the part of the furniture. Parts may have different applications. The first example is a table about eight feet long. Unique is that it can be easily folded down. As long as you don’t use it, it can be on the wall.

wall creative function furniture

will be very suitable for our celebration. Similarly, this will not be an obstacle when it takes time to clean up. Other functions in the walls of this apartment are also multipurpose. We usually work from home sometimes. Therefore, a desktop is also created for these situations. Obviously, it will help any activity and we need a smaller area.

functional dining table. The picture was taken by Elizabeth felicella

. It can be used for playing chess or other family games. We can’t leave a small auxiliary space for storing different kinds of drinks. Another interesting aspect is the use of colors in these recommendations. This is combined with lighting to create a magical atmosphere in each foldable work. Hidden bars in bright orange or yellow are the most inspiring. Highlight the beautiful blue hue on the small table.

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