The range of colors used to draw walls and animate designs

today, we have some very interesting ideas about the color range of walls and combine them perfectly with furniture to create the best design. In addition, we will also discuss the popular colors in 2016. The color range of

modern style wall paint

is approaching the end of 2016. Let’s see what design industry experts use in their design. Because we are overwhelmed by the pressure of modern life every day, each of us wants to feel good and calm when we go home.

paint the color range of the wall to increase the family style

, which is why our design must focus on simplicity and tranquility. Interior design must reflect our needs, disconnection and rest. That’s why our advice has always been to choose warm colors, which is a soothing combination of natural textures and soft shapes.

restaurant is very attractive and fresh ideas

there is only one but two modern colors this year. The first is pink cake or pink quartz and blue tranquility. They are very modern. Although they look too sweet, they look good according to the combination of the two colors.

light grey walls highlight the furniture

. This year’s modern design is full of pink and light blue, combined with metal details. These are the choices proposed by American Pantone company and British Graham & Brown wallpaper production company.

light green wall concept of bright living room

some major paint brands provide us with trend colors Calm and calm. Provide a clean palette. It not only strives for simplicity in design, but also strives for simplicity in the color range of painted walls or ceilings.

white walls and carpets stand out in the modern living room,

, but this does not mean completely forgetting the dark colors, although it is better to choose from warm stone gray tones than cold gray. After all, what we want is to create a comfortable place where we can rest and balance our mind, body and spirit.

light green walls and light green armchairs to avoid breaking the design of

, whether in the living room or bedroom. But for the kitchen or bathroom, we recommend you choose pink, gold, brass and copper. As you realize, metallic tones are the trend in bathrooms and kitchens, and the golden choir is the king.

white series colors are very suitable for children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms

. If not, it is one of the best colors. Combined with marble and wood, it is the most commonly used natural texture in bathrooms and kitchens. Walls or furniture made from these materials are a huge investment because they will never go out of date.

furniture and walls of the same color are the safest choice.

adding texture and depth to space always helps to add elegance and uniqueness to the design. We’re talking about clear and soothing colors, but that doesn’t mean you have to create a sterile environment. We must always be able to add some interesting design and use furniture or details.

bedroom design is very feminine and elegant

we can’t deny that every expert has his own position. Some popular palettes this year may look a little boring, but that’s why we can participate freelyRethink the idea you gave us and make it conform to the design of our own house.

there is a very bold green kitchen on the wall

for example, white is one of the most commonly used and modern colors in 2016. But as we know, white is a classic color. Although it sounds bold, it should not belong to a series of color trends, because it is always modern.

wooden walls, the idea of color furniture in the living room

for many people, white may be a boring color, but there are many interesting things to do with white. If white paint is used, it is difficult to make mistakes, White surfaces or white accessories are in your decoration scheme.

color range is used to paint walls and make a very elegant combination

as we said, blue is also the fashion of this year. This is a very beautiful color that you can use as the main color or accent color. Blue is the best choice for home office.

bedroom is very beautiful, with black walls

. If white is the fashionable color in 2016, we can’t forget black, they combine perfectly with black. Black and white are one of the original choices for cooking together or separately.

living room with very beautiful purple walls

in 2016, green also occupied a place in many families. The palette includes a variety of different greens. Green has always been a good choice for interesting details and accents, such as cushions, blankets, curtains and other textiles.

is the perfect light pink for the living room

. Here, you can view our pictures and choose the wall or furniture that best suits your interior design. We hope this information will help you plan any renovation, upgrade or renovation of your home.

light color palette of modern living room decorative elements creative

light gray walls and dark gray sofas

restaurant with very light blue walls

white and Your tone will always be the trend

neutral color wall to highlight the modern living room furniture

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