The shabby and chic lounge is a comfortable and magical space.

is an attempt to revisit the past for many people and a need for others due to restrictions. In fact, these and other reasons are why this old and fashionable style remains. Today, we will look at the shabby and chic living room from another perspective and how to decorate them with this style. Originally an artistic choice, it is now a trend with all its characteristics. Many spaces and lounges with these characteristics largely reflect the goal.

is a shabby and chic salon with the color accent of

, which does not mean that the color is rejected to any extent. A little color can achieve the perfect living room. To some extent, this helps to break the monotony that excessive white may lead to. It can be said that this is a color splash that makes the space more exciting. The color range should make the space look fresh and bright. Pink is the perfect choice, pink or light blue is ideal. You can also choose light mint. The dilapidated and chic lounge of

is equipped with retro elements

. The actual number of colors depends on the theme of the room to supplement the dilapidated and chic style. Women’s hair salons can be mainly pink or purple. As for the shabby and chic living room and color, it is important to avoid flashy colors and dark colors. In addition to color, decoration will mark the personality and rhythm of this type of living room. This type of space may have an internal female aesthetic style. You can reinterpret it and give it a different feeling without losing its essence.

flower element design

aging accessories, antique furniture and other era elements will be the key elements of this decoration. A living room focusing on dilapidation and chicness can be industrial style or even rural style. We must look for antiques and restore elements to achieve a perfect living room. Most importantly, we have a clear and clear idea of what we want to achieve. In this way, we can save time and money on materials and parts that are not suitable for us. Another interesting factor in this trend is its flexibility.

pink accent, carpet

if we don’t want the living room to be completely based on it, just touch it. An obvious example may be a modern space. You can enter some elements to define this style. The options for doing so are diverse. We can start with an old vase or put an old middle table. Any element found or passed down from generation to generation can be interesting.

vintage wood furniture

similarly, through various technologies, we can provide a worn appearance for any furniture. With these elements, the living room looks both practical and very private. In this case, the size of Sharon is not important to achieve our goals. It can be said that for the small living room, this style is good for them. Mainly because of the existence of white walls, this may become an advantage. Some textures can increase attraction.

small living room idea

with old mirrors, we can provide very elegant finishes. In addition to being an elegant decorative element, it will also help us create a greater sense of breadth. Other classical style sofas and small center tables will be conducive to space. It is important that we help natural light enter. With plenty of natural light, the living room will have a charming viewHe always looks happy. In a small space, the target of natural light will be a key factor. In addition to the walls, white ones can be brought to the floor. With white accessories, you can cover the ground and make it cute.

variants have color elements

elements such as wooden beams and white painted brick walls will create an attractive texture. Whether it is a small living room or other rooms, these are aspects that can not be ignored. Enjoy our gallery with excellent suggestions, mixed themes and this trend. The elegant and practical lounge is an ideal place for you to enjoy your style and color. Maybe it has reference value for your future space transformation.


wide natural light entrance

living room warm tone

furniture recycling wood

environment with industrial table

retro central table

white brick wall fittings

open space design

elegant mirror space

add retro elements


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