There is creativity and creativity in the room, so that you can give full play to it.

when combining room creativity and creativity, samples of excellent design are everywhere. The demand may be different. Based on it, architects and designers will not give up these beautiful miracles. This is a game room. First of all, KD SPE has many creative details, which can not be created by KD SPE’s SPS. We refer in particular to a family of five members. The idea put forward by the family is that space can play both functions at the same time. As a rest space, the game area is also built-in. To meet all these expectations, a spacious mattress is provided for the bedroom area. It makes you absolutely comfortable to watch TV and rest. The creative and functional design of the


has left space for the smaller game area at the top. The stairs lead to this area from one side of the bedroom. The child safety net provides a cool appearance for the design. The wall space at the top is also considered comfortable. It comes with several pillows and even a playable cushion. From the stairs, you can reach another more remote and smaller compartment.

side safety net

although it is small, its size is very suitable for a small table and some toys. This summer house in Moscow is a good example of how to use space. Although activities like rest and play seem to be opposite here, its goal is harmonious tolerance. Equally important is the use of clean wood, which brings great freshness and brightness. Enjoy details in the gallery.

parents’ lounge

plant conditioning, Rulemple

spatial distribution

top network

different tone wood

stair side network

“kdsim G12”

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