Transformation of living room decoration design inspiration

today, we provide you with some ideas about the decorative photos and inspiring design of the living room, because even if your design is very original many years later, everything is very tired, and the family space will sometimes make you feel bored and boring.

living room decoration and design, you can use it to motivate yourself, because Claude Cartier’s

design does not happen much compared with other rooms, because the living room is a frequently used room. When your sofa is no longer so comfortable, you think its decoration is too bold or boring, or you just want to give your living room a new image, there is no need to completely renovate it.

is another design of Claude Cartier. It shows us the elegance of modern design and

. But if you think designing an interesting interior design for the living room is an impossible task and beyond your ability, please cheer up, because we have shown many creative articles on our page, Of course, from experienced professionals in the field of design.

living room decoration and spacious space ideas, such as Gisele Taranto architecture

interior design can be an interesting and complex work. The design of living room design should be selected according to your preferences. On our page, you will find a lot of useful and interesting information, so that you can simply choose the style you want.

is an example of an open graphic concept family. The living room and dining room share the space

. Even if you don’t create a beautiful interior design, it will significantly affect the quality of life, comfort and even the relationship with your family or the people we live in. As we always say, the first thing you should do is to find the design style that appeals to you most and try to stick to it.

is an apartment designed by Oksana dolgopiatova. The decoration makes each space have something in common with other

. This may be a modern style, Modern, classical, retro, Nordic, rural… After that, we must choose a basic color, which will be the dominant color of the room. Our suggestion is to choose a relatively neutral tone.

walls are designed by landmak architects

. In recent years, colors such as cream putty and different shades of white are very popular. We must also consider two or three additional tones that can be combined with the main tone.

put a blue carpet on another larger gray carpet. In this room, one of the best choices of

designed by Arquitetos suite is to choose a bright basic color, and then choose a combination of cold complementary colors such as blue, purple and green. To create a warm and intimate environment, you can choose warm complementary colors, such as orange, yellow and red.

the white wall and black sofa of the living room are designed by Rene Desjardins

. When you choose the living room furniture, the most important thing is that you must meet our needs. We can consider other factors later. If you want some suggestions on furniture selection, please read on.

is a long and narrow space. In this space, we can find the living room, dining room and kitchen designed by Geometrix design

. Most importantly, the size of the furniture matches the space where the furniture is placed, rather than always a piece of furniture that looks spectacular in the store. It looks good in your living room.

is a design of Katya baryshnikova, which shows usEven a narrow space can be a modern


, ,


, which is why it’s best to measure your space and then the furniture you want to fill the room. Another thing you can do is choose a special piece of furniture. We are talking about a shiny and unique furniture that stands out from other furniture.

is an example of the contemporary formal Salon of Pavel Alekseev

. If you like the idea, don’t forget that other furniture should be more neutral, because if we can’t create a sense of chaos. Make sure the living room is fully functional and all family members feel comfortable.

is a lounge designed by Beige slides with elegant decoration

. In addition, if you like to receive guests, please consider creating a comfortable space for guests. Choose durable furniture and carpets so you don’t have to change your design every once in a while.

is a lounge design. After you place the furniture and choose the wall color, you will seek the comfort of

and choose the decoration according to the complementary color you choose. Now we ask you to re-examine our living room decoration concept and inspiring design to decide to make a change.

is a very original architectural salon, designed by Rudolph palent,

green furniture, designed by Turkey design and Linda cedar homes,

living room, and fireplace plays a leading role in Jennifer Robin’s interior design

living room decoration modern formal design Ksenia vinokurova

carefully designed cloud studio

a set of apartments full of neutral colors

a classic living room design Jennifer Robin interiors

a modern living room with fireplace designed by Dom architects

and designed by Mitchell wall architecture & Design

with gorgeous grey carpets and curtains

a small living room with attractive studio ro + Ca



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